Pouting Face

this is my daughter when she was around 1 year old…

For more pouting pictures, check out www.iheartfaces.com


  1. blueviolet says

    She really did have a good pout going on there!

  2. Upstatemomof3 says

    I just love this weeks iheartfaces theme don;t you. 🙂

  3. maggiemae and family says

    she is a beauty!

  4. sweet_shelo says

    so pouty hehe.. cutie pouty lips..

  5. MommaWannabe says

    hehee that’s so cute!

  6. she is cutie!

    oh you speak mandarin hehe… good! I dont know there is chinese school there here got very few chinese school mostly malay school. Chinese school I see here only for kids up to 12 years old than no more unless go another to study but you got to move there 🙁

    your kids can speak chinese too?Hubby also?

  7. What a cute pout! She’s a cutie 🙂

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