Thursday 13 – Things That Needs To Get Done

I have a list of things that I need to get done.
I hope to do these things before the month of June this 2009.

1. Finish reading books that I have started to read last year.
2. Bring kids to pediatrician to get flu shot.
3. Bring kids to dentist for annual check up.
4. Have the pictures developed. I think there are around 150 pics already….
5. Enroll Kyla, my eldest, in a drawing/art class for summer.
6. Enroll Kyla in swimming lessons.
7. Practice driving (again).
8. Fix storage and cabinets. Get rid of stuff that are not being used. Maybe a garage sale.
9. Have our roof fixed.
10. Apply for Toby’s passport.
11. Manage my email accounts. Delete several junk mails on my other accounts.
12. Learn to use the features of Canon 1000 D.
13. Fix the house decors and frames.

Check out for more lists!!!


  1. Having a to-do-list is the first major step to getting things done. I hope you accomplish all of these things before June 2009 ends.

  2. HI Chris, good luck on getting things done. Have a nice week.

  3. Yes, our lists are very similar!

  4. I want to learn the features of my cam too.. kaso tamad magbasa,

    I will enroll my oldest in a drawing lesson too this summer..

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