Toy Hunt – Disney Toys

This week’s theme is DISNEY TOYS…

This is my daughter’s recent favorite toys. Paper dolls of Disney Princess characters.. You can change the gowns of each of the character. The kit also includes activity books, drawing pads and other things a little girl would love!


  1. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    i love disney characters especially the princesses!

    anwyay, mommy for a tag for you: here.

  2. nice an award for you…

    hope you like it….

  3. momstheword says

    That’s the one thing I miss about having boys, is not being able to play paper doll with them. I used to love that as a kid, but of course boys don’t do that.

  4. My Lil Bianca loves Disney Princess!!!!!! but I dunno if she is into paper dolls yet,,, she might just wreck it…. anyway,, have a lovely day!!!

  5. cuteness naman ng mga paperdolls!

    My toy hunt entry 🙂

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