What Do Your Initials Say About You?

You Are Lighthearted and Hilarious

When You Are Comfortable:

You are a carefree, adventurous person. You love excitement, and you enjoy being in a changing, dynamic environment.

People find you to be funny, generous, and competent. You’re well spoken, and you know how to wow people with your words.

When You Are At Your Best:

You are cutting edge, offbeat, and even a little weird. You are fascinated with trends and technology.

People see you as a bit strange. They’re not sure what they should expect of you. You are definitely apt to do your own thing.

When You Are in a Social Setting:

You are a strong person. You’re driven and assertive. Success is yours, as much as you want it.

People find you to be clever and spirited. You’re a bit saucy too… delightfully so!


  1. wow! galing nmn initials lang to ha ehhehe =) yeah congrats to my ishi grad n sya sa 28 as saling pusa and this is my gift sa kanya…andito n nga sa house ung doll sana d nya makita till 28 hhehehhe =)

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