Which One for Some Summer Fun ?

Now that school is over, I am on the look out for some fun summer activities for my kiddo. I’d like to know what are your plans for your kids this summer? I am still deciding whether to enroll her in an art/drawing class or swimming class or musical instruments class…. I would like to enroll her in 2 courses if possible. But due to financial constraint, I might have to choose 1 only. Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Hi chris! I just talked to my son’s pedia, he also recommended swimming lessons this summer 😀

  2. uhmmm me and mj would go to swimming lesson as well

  3. i’m thinking of contacting the casting agency to enroll zach to an acting workshop in San Pedro, laguna. want to try? but since we just enrolled him to a reading program last tuesday, i decided to wait for him to adjust maybe after 3 mos. and also budget-budget muna hehe 🙂

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