i ♥ faces – Self Portrait

This week’s theme is self portrait!

I took this picture of myself a month ago…
I am quite excited to see all other entries!


  1. this is a great shot!

  2. super fun I Heart Faces week. It’s so fun “seeing” everyone. Nice job!

  3. Rosalyn-Sue says

    I love the angle and the background you included — thanks for sharing — such a beautiful photo of you!

  4. Anzu's Mum says

    hot momma =) ill join this weeks theme =)

  5. The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess says

    great shot! I love that it’s a little tilted! WONDERFUL!!

  6. Ay, like ko din sumali dito. Ang ganda pati ng button 😀

  7. Join ako dito ha? (^_^)/

  8. American in Norway says

    Great angle… love the shot. thanks for sharing! : )

  9. Aren’t you just stunning!?! Great shot, great angle!!

  10. Great pic of you,Mommy Chris!!

  11. Snow Photo says

    Wow! Look at that angle! I can never get them to look like I wasn’t holding the camera awkwardly in front of my face, and you look so natural! Nice job!

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