I was an IT Associate

Let me share with you something about me, before I became a mom. Before I gave birth to my eldest, I used to work as an IT Professional at a telecoms company. I started as an IT Helpdesk Associate. I took calls from the employees who reported their IT problems. Sometimes, if it was easy, I can solve it by guiding the employee through the phone but most of the time, I had to personally pay the caller a visit to check out the problem.

I didn’t stay in this position long because my boss was very supportive and gave me several trainings. He gave me several options which career path I wanted to take. At that time, I was interested with the Internet and web development, so he allowed me to take trainings which would lead me to get a MCSE certification.

Looking back, I know that I was very blessed to have been part of a great company, great team and a supportive team leader too. Maybe that is why it was not hard for me to leave then because I knew that I was able to excel in my career at that time. I was leaving without any regrets.


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  3. Anzu's Mum says

    wow ate ganda pala ng career mo before.. dont you miss working? ako medyo miss ko na pero happy naman ako being stay at home, yun nga lang nakakataba lol.. thanks for sharing something about you =)

  4. onlinemommy says

    Hi Mommy Chris,

    I just noticed that we have few things in common. First, we are both woman, wife and mom. Second, we are both saved by Grace. Third, we are both in the IT industry (although you already left it and I am still stuck here hehehe) and lastly, we are both Microsoft Certified, you as System Engineer, me as Database Administrator. But I didn’t pursue the DBA career path. I am more happy with development =)

  5. onlinemommy says

    Hello Mommy Chris,

    I am a member of Bible Baptist Church of Project 8, under pastor Mar Arias. How about you? Where do you attend your worship services?

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