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This week’s theme is DADDY MOMENT. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see my kids bonding with their daddy, it really makes me happy. It is a precious moment and I want them to spend more time together. Probably because I know how hard my hubby works with his office work and ministry work that he misses lots of time to be with the kids. So this week, I would like to share how my kids bond with their daddy…

We bought this inflatable pool last year and every time we open it, daddy makes sure he spends some time with the kiddies.. (the first pic was taken this year while the second pic was taken last year)

Whenever he can, hubby brings the kids to malls, birthday parties and relatives. (The first pic was taken at my grandma’s house last year. The second pic was taken at our Christmas outing in Tagaytay Highlands.)

He also makes sure that he is there during special events at Kyla’s school.

And at home, he plays with the kids, especially with our little boy…

Its your turn! Time to share some DADDY MOMENT with us this week!
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  1. Mommy Phebie says

    wow! ang saya2x naman nyan mommy chris….

    mine is up now @

    Happy MM! God Bless!

  2. Your kids’ daddy is so supportive of them! No wonder they’re very mabait and very behaved kids! 🙂

    They are so blessed to have a Daddy who serves the Lord. 🙂

  3. mommy jac says

    Hi Christ ang sweet nman ng hubby mo and ang cute nila together sa inflatable pool. Btw here’s mine

  4. wow..they’re so cute!!! nice theme for today…time to know your hubbies and the hubbies of other mommies…he..he…

    i’ll post mine later…

  5. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    i love the one at the swing…hehee…

    anyway, finally I’m back on track! heheh! Just posted mine!

  6. mine is here na:
    Daddy’s Moment

  7. sorry for the’s here:Daddy’s Moment

  8. like you i always enjoy watching daddy-kids bonding. nice pics. will post mine later. thurs pa kc right now.

  9. Chris, thanks for coming up with this. Sayang at ‘di ko kinaya mag-Animoto. Super busy! I’ll tell you about it in my blog soon.

    Hay! Maswerte tayo to have good husbands that make as good fathers too. Kahit pa busy with work, #1 priority pa rin ang pamilya, which is very obvious from the pictures and stories behind those that you have shared. 🙂

  10. Anonymous says

    Wow! Your kids have very fun daddy moments! I’m envious for my daughter!

  11. earthlingorgeous says

    Ain’t they a happy bunch! What fun moments your kids spend with their daddy! Lucky kids!

  12. nel's bebi says

    awww, you’re daddy is so sweet. i really got excited with this week’s “theme” since i have a daddy’s girl 😉

  13. hi chris!!

    just like you i feel happy tlga pag bonding ang mag ama ko! 🙂 nakakatuwa how their being so tough will transform into a mushy daddy when they are together noh??

    nice photos of your husband and kids heheh cutey!!

  14. Hurray for all Dads this week! I do believe they are indispensable to our children’s well-being and growing up years.

    Nice photos, Chris. Nakakatuwa.

  15. Well, it’s really nice to see a father having a good time with their kids. OH, makes me miss my father 🙂

  16. Love all the pictures! I’m so glad you did this one. I love pictures of my kids and their daddy! TFS

  17. Hi Chris,,, Its juts lovely to see the Daddy bonding with the kids…… Special moments like these are worth sharing…..

  18. the pics are nice. si daddy naman ang bida today 🙂

  19. These are really nice pics Chris! Even if Daddy couldn’t spend as much time with them as he wants, what’s important is the quality when he does. 😀

  20. ~~tonya~~ says

    Awww…cute. He looks like he has so much fun with the kids. Great pictures.

  21. Great bonding time with their father and kids!Lucky kids!!^_^I love the pics!Thanks for sharing.My first time to join today’s theme–I’ll be posting mine later.^_^

  22. they’re up na po

    please let me know if I’m in the right track.Thanks!^_^

  23. Daddy sure did had fun with her kiddos.

    Mine is up

  24. Nakakatuwa talaga to see daddies bonding with their kids. It shows they really love their children. Your husband and your kids look very happy in these bonding pics. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Hi girl nice pictures you got here finally na post ko na din yung sa akin

  26. It’s really nice to see bonding moments with daddy and the kids would definitely remember these moments with their dad. ; )

  27. oi ayus yang bonding ng mag aama mo mommy chris, sometime kids need daddy’s attention para maging close cla love your inflatable pool, ok na ok yan para if ever na gusto mag swimming hayan tubig nalang. anyway here’s mine mommy

  28. sweet_shelo says

    Daddy and kids looks lovely together. You are truly blessed mommy Chris..

    Here’s mine too:

  29. hi wow, sarap nmn nyan..bibili dn ako nyan inflattable pool n yn…ehhehe yung kasya dn si daddy eheheh =)here’s mine na po –

    ang sweet tgnan ang mga mag aama noh? =)

  30. love the last pic, kitang kita ang tuwa nilang tatlo hehe

    Make or Break

  31. hi mommy chris! thanks for hosting mommy moments and for thinking about this Daddy Moment theme. it’s time to put daddy in the limelight this time! your kids are so happy with their daddy. and just looking at them enjoying their time together makes us happier.

  32. Hi Chris! As usual ako na naman ang pinaka-late mag-post hehe.
    Hindi ko magawang palampasin ang event na ito kasi I want others to at least see (kahit pictures lang) how good my husband is as a father to our kids.

  33. Wow Mommy, ang dami ng participants! Congratulations uli! and I love the photos of your husband with the kids. The hugs are very warm to look at.

  34. so sweet Daddy Moments. Happy Friday.

  35. Laine's Cutie Abode says

    mommy chris ang saya-saya nila tingnan, daddy and the kids. :))

    Happy Mommy Moments 🙂

  36. great photos of daddy’s moment.

  37. Hi!My first time here & love to join too.Was it ok if I link first w/o posting mine yet?Infact just done w/ the link already err…
    Btw,nice family you have here!grin!
    God Bless your family!

  38. Life's journey says

    wow galing naman oh fun talaga tingnan ang family mo. Chris my entry na ako sorry just got back from Mommy moments.

  39. i loved this week’s theme Chris! it’s cute to see your daughter and your hubby together. palibhasa wala akong baby girl hehe, thanks 😀

  40. Pareho tayo, sis Chris. It gives me so much joy seeing my hubby and son enjoying each other’s company.

    I just posted mine:

    Have a blessed day.

  41. Good day to you Chris!It's me again & my name is Seiko,I just joined mommy momments & done posting it @
    Thank you & God bless your family!

  42. Hi Mommy Chris! I finally made it to mommy moments again. 🙂

  43. Evan's Mom says

    Thanks for this week theme Chris, makes me realize I haven’t taken much dad and son pictures lately. Love the pictures btw and have a good weekend.

  44. onlinemommy says

    Hi Mommy Chris,

    This is the first time I joined the mommy moments, I hope I did it
    right hehehe…

    You can check mine at

    Thanks and God Bless!

  45. Anzu's Mum (bams) says

    Hi mommy chris… I actually love this week’s theme, kaya naman kahit super busy, i did find time to post =) its better late than never… thanks for this, its our hubby’s turn naman… =)

    Your hubby looks really happy and contented =) good luck and God bless

  46. hi mom chris. nice picture

  47. a boy's mom says

    he looks really sweet to your kids! 🙂

    mine’s up. thanks

  48. SASSY MOM says

    Ang sweet naman, Mommy Chris! Sorry late ako… I was out last Friday but I joined!

  49. Hi sis! I cannot miss this week’s mommy moments although this one is particularly the most challenging for me to do. 🙂 God bless you more!

  50. hehe, uu Mommy, precious Moment talaga ito. kulit siguro nila kapag anjan na daddy nila no?

    di na po ako ksya sa linky dito hehe. here’s my daddy moment.

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