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Hello. This week’s theme for Mommy Moments is SENTIMENTAL MOMMY MOMENT. I know each of us have tons of memories with our kids we would want to share but I would like to request that you highlight at least one of your favorite moments with your kids and share with us why it is your favorite sentimental moment!

This photo was taken on the recognition day of Kyla on March 2009. I really felt mixed emotions that day. I was so happy that she has finished her first year of schooling and that she was able to overcome her fear and performing on stage. She grew up emotionally and socially and it was really an achievement. I was also sad in a way because my little girl is growing up too fast… I reminisced on so many “mommy moments” memories… I remembered how we would study together at home using our flash cards, how we learned to color using crayons and paints, how I used to read her stories before she goes to sleep, and so much more… I know that in a matter of years, she would soon have her own secrets that I wont know about and her own life…

Another favorite of mine is our sleeping together time. We still co-sleep and I really love sleeping beside my kids. They want me to embrace them when they go to sleep and I truly cherish this moment. The picture below is taken few minutes before we slept the other night. The kids and I are goofing around… 🙂

Lastly, I love it when my kids give me art works or drawings. I collect and keep the art work. I’d like to fix our living room and display their works there one day.

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  1. love reading your post..i can feel your sentiments…oppsss..don’t want to drop tears..he..he..

  2. You’ve got sweet love letters from your sweetie kids. It’s cute.

    God bless

  3. Meryl (proud pinay) says

    hi chris, your kids are sooo cute and sweet too. ^_^

    You are blessed with wonderful kids

  4. Chris, I’ve got a different interpretation of the subject! Oh I hope it’s fine.

    Anyway, I should bring out two boxes of Kleenex na! I have bad colds and this week’s subject will make it worse! Haha!

    Kyla and Toby are real darlings, and that’s because you celebrate their ups and welcome their lows just the same. 🙂

  5. Upstatemomof3 says

    Those are such great moments. I am too sick right now to write anything so I have to skip this week. 🙁 But I loved reading yours.

  6. As much as we want them to stay as our babies… It is impossible… They grow up too fast right before our eyes,,, that is why we should always embrace the moments that we share together,,,,
    Have a Lovely day mom Chris…. we’re going to see Thomas the tank!!!!!!!!!!

  7. they really grow up sooo fast mom chris!! 🙂

    i love ur photos 🙂 nice nice.. senti rin siguro ako pag grumaduate yena nursery 😀

    mine is up at my yena’s blog.. see u!

  8. mommy jac says

    like you Chris I love to sleep beside my kids I can’t explain the joy every time I woke up makikita ko sila sa tabi ko happy ang morning ko palagi…btw Chris I have this award for you have a blessed Friday ^o^

  9. I love their art specially the words 🙂

  10. your children are so sweet chris.. no wonder, andami mong senti moments. i especially love the love letters… i look forward for that day to come into my life too. but for now, i will revel at my baby samantha’s little antics. i am in no rush! 😀

    happy mommy moments everyone!

  11. Anzu's Mum (bams) says

    Hi Mommy Chris.. gusto ko maging super close din kami ni baby kagaya sa inyo… your kids are really sweet and smart =)

  12. Kids really grow up fast. Before we know it, they have their first crushes na. That will make us moms even more sentimental. Great photos here, Chris!

  13. the drawings made by the kids are always priceless!

  14. HI Chris! your mommy moments shows great sweetness. Especially the drawing. It is the most sentimental of all.

  15. I love the drawing too! 🙂

    My kids’ entry to school and their grad or moving up from one level to the next is one of the many sentimental moments for me. I am so inloved at the idea of being at their side whenever they need me and I’m glad that you feel the same way toward your children too! It always show in your pics and posts.

    Take care always, Chris and kisses to Kyla and Toby! 🙂

    PS: I ddnt join the MM today, but I joined in spirit by visiting ALL the joiners today! take care always!!!

  16. Laine's Cutie Abode says

    cute senti pix mommy chris. i was touch sa drawing. :))

    happy mommy moments 🙂

  17. I like the way your lil boy his face ha ha kc c nicole ganyan lagi mukha pag picture anyway my entry again mommy chris

  18. hi here’s mine na po..=) wow…same tayu sentimenta ang graduation ng baby ko..pero mas me grabe p dyan akaya ito ang post ko =)

  19. this is my first time in joining. I got hooked with Laine of Laine’s Abode entries, so here I am as well.

  20. oh that’s a great idea with the artworks. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it when they get older 🙂

  21. mommy jac says
  22. I love this friday mommy moments and read many bloggers mommy life like yours mommychris.
    Im sure that made you so proud, to see your little girl face the world and overcome her first year of school. Your baby girl is now a big girl hehe. Im sure na miss mo yong baby pa sila. You have such beautiful kids and a wonderful family chris.

    Anyways,heres mine
    Im gonna visit other mommies sentimental moments muna.

  23. Che-Che Tayag says

    sniff…sniff…I fear the day my baby grows up and wouldn’t need me anymore 🙁

  24. I am Harriet says

    Hi Chris.
    thanks for stopping by. I had originally posted my link before my post posted since it was still the day before here (Illinois- USA). Anyway, I’ve reposted the link. Thanks

  25. ay oo nga eheheh thnks sa pag correct =) hihihi nasanay ang kamay ko magtype ng 2009 ahaha =) thnks ha =) and youre welcome//kaya ngha ko sumali sa MM para mag share eh =)

  26. Happy Mommy Moments! What cute pictures. TFS and coming by my blog!

  27. Happy Mommy Moments Chris. You’re such a sweet Mom.

  28. Ang sweet naman ng kids mo for saying ‘I love you,mommy’ through arts and drawings!Ang sarap talagang maging Mommy!!\(^0^)/

  29. the ove letter is really a winner! how senti…i’m looking forward for my sons to give me like these someday.

  30. a boy's mom says

    hate to skip this week’s mommy moments…so here’s my entry 🙂

    thanks chris

  31. huli man daw, hahabol pa rin hehe..

    ang cute ng smile ni Toby, my second son ganyan din mag smile 🙂

  32. pahabol ha! hehe. sorry medyo na-late ako. i just posted mine. hehe.

    ang sweet naman nung letter. im sure gagawan din ako nyan ng anak ko pag marunong na sya magsulat.

  33. Pahabol ulit, hehe!

  34. It will be my first time joining Mommy Moments tomorrow–I hope I’m on the right track!

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