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Greetings everyone! Our theme for this week is SPECIAL DAY. This can include your kid’s graduation, baptism or dedication, or any other special day. So without further ado, here is my entry for this week!

Here are Kyla’s special days.

This was taken on Kyla’s Dedication day on June 2005.

This was taken March 2009. Recognition Day from Kindergarden class.

Here are Toby’s special days.

This was taken from Toby’s Dedication Day on June 2007.

This was taken on Toby’s 1st birthday on December 2007.

These are truly special days. Now, its your turn! Share it with us.


  1. Wow! You’ve got a great baby. I will try to join tomorrow. Blessings to you

  2. momstheword says

    Of course I would be willing. It would be an honor. My email is Please email me and we will do this.

    Love the pictures. They are so precious and you look so pretty!

  3. earthlingorgeous says

    Yay! I got in first ahahaha! I am looking forward for the day I have my daughter in her Toga too 🙂 Lovely photos! 🙂


  4. Mommy Phebie says

    ur kids are so tsinita/tsinito…

    me too am looking forward for my daughter to wear her kindergarten toga soon….

    God Bless and Happy MM!

  5. Yey, I was able to join again!

    Cuties ng kids mo, puro chinita/o! Congrats ke Kyla uli! 🙂

    Chris, I owe you an email, I’ll do it before this week ends! Promise!!! 🙂

  6. You’ve got a very lovely family Chris! Everyday is a special day talaga. 🙂

  7. A Family Completed... says

    Those are very sweet and very special. I love the kindergarten dedication! Kyla looks so pretty!

  8. Chris, I finished it on a Thursday! LOL I feel kasi na parati akong late whenever I submit it on a Friday here. I didn’t get to search for pics, kung ano na lang ang makita ko just to finish it today. :o)
    I love seeing small kids in their togas, ang cute nilang tingnan. I’ll see if I have time to add my daughter’s pic, nandoon kasi sa isang computer.

  9. awww.. ang cute naman ni Kyla.. bat ganun I can’t see the other photos… maybe it’s my browser..

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  10. Hi Chris, I love the photos of you kids during their special day. I wish I can share mine during his baptism. Here’s my post for this week theme.

  11. Karen ~Leah Rose's Mom says

    You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

  12. nice pictures. ang pretty ng student mo 🙂

  13. hi mommu congrats to your lil gurl…mine’s here –
    just in time talaga hehe at pinaghandan ko yan -=) hehehe enjoy!

  14. Kyla looks so cute in her graduatin gown, and Toby is just gorgeous in his dedication suit. Congratulations Mommy Chris.

  15. hay i am done visiting all theparticipants hehe =) happy mommy moments! =)

  16. You have such a wonderful family Chris! The pics clearly shows where you get your daily inspirations for your blogs 🙂

  17. Basta PAMILYA Special talaga palagi ,,,, Thanks Mom Chris,,, I enjoy your MM every week

  18. Kyla is growing up to be a fine young lady. And Toby is so cute, with those “singkit” eyes.

  19. Mommy Chris, my frist name has the wrong link hehe.. buti na lang sinabi ni Jess, kaya I have to submit another one 🙂

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  20. You have a very pretty daughter Chris. And those Special days are to be remembered talaga. It’s when our kids moves a step forward in life.

  21. joining here a newbie in mommy moments 🙂

  22. I’m also looking forward to the day when Joaqui will attend a recognition day at school. ; )

  23. indeed it is 🙂

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  24. hi heheh oo nga kika career ko n ang digiscrapping..madali lng kaso hirap mag isip ng idea ahahah…ginawa ko yan sa gve lng yan ni pinaymama heheh =) sa artscow gumagawa dn ako ehehe kaso d pede ilabas and softcopy…sa kanila k lng makakapag pa paprint ..pag natapos ko unang project ko post ko ehehe =) d ko p natatapos matrabaho ahahaha =) thnks ha!

  25. Hi Chris,
    ako din me suggestion for Mom Moments: Time with Doctors or any moments they’re on their visit to the pedia, or having immunization or vaccine, or maybe in the hospital? or maybe just taking medicines? hehehe, suggestion ko lang yan kasi dami ko pics na ganyan e. 🙂

  26. Hi! Congrats to your little girl! Your boy is so chinito! Just like his mommy 🙂

  27. sweet_shelo says

    Truly those moments are special mommy Chris.. I will be joining this week, will post it later.. Mhuahh..

  28. Anzu's Mum says

    Its been awhile ate.. i love your first family pic =) and toby’s dedication day.. parang payat na payat ka nun hihi… Have nice weekend =)

  29. sweet_shelo says
  30. hello am here again mommy chris nahuli na ata ako hehe here’s my entry thanks

  31. like many of you i’m looking forward to see my son in a toga… your girl looks so behaved 🙂

  32. wow great pic here Mommy Chris….d ko na talaga nalimutan to post mine this week…hehhehe…:)

  33. Pass mo na ako for this day mommy moments no pics for special day at wala pang binyag tong cholokoy ko hehehe, nice pics.

  34. Hi Chris! Si Jeremy di ko alam bakit atat lumabas eh hehe pero I remember natagtag ako sa byahe and stress na rin siguro sa work kaya siguro nag-preterm labor ako. good thing he was healthy and big boy na ngayon. sobrang blessing from God 🙂 happy weekend!

  35. Opps I’m late again. Lovely Mommy moments photos.

  36. yay! nakita ko na din mga pics 🙂

    hawig pala kau ni hubby mo..

    wth regards to Thomas, para nga nakakaadik kolektahin hehe.. ang sarap mag shopping sa onlin stores no, god luck lang sa shipping hehe

  37. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    i don’t have any baptismal nor graduation photos to share yet… well, having fun checking out players entries….

    have fun as well!

  38. again, better late than never. thanks chris!

  39. Clarissa says

    congratulations nga pala kay Kyla!!Ang laki na ng dalaga mo,Mommy Chris!^_^

  40. { Jhari } says

    Mommy Chris, pass ako for this week’s entry 🙁

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