Potty Training Update

After a month of potty training, my little boy is now more cooperative to use the comfort room when necessary. Although he is not completely potty trained, I can say that he is around 80% trained. Though when it comes to poop, you have to watch him and if you see him, you need to bring him to the bowl to do his thing, otherwise, he will just poop on his briefs! Anyway, I also found out that he doesnt like to use the comfort room if it is his first time to visit that place. We spent our Holy Week vacation at my mom’s place in Manila. He didnt go at all for so many hours because the comfort room is new to him! But after a couple of days, he finally settled down… He also doesnt like to use the Safety First toilet seat!

Well, I am just really glad that there is some improvement on our potty training. We dont use as much diapers anymore! 🙂 We only use it now when we go out and when its night time.


  1. The Petersons says

    Yikes, I’m potty training my son right now too. Not my favorite job! Good luck to you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t know that there’s any secret to getting the parts straight. Just keep at it I guess. My parts aren’t always straight either but it seems the more I do hair, the easier it has become. And yes, I do think it’s much easier to do hair when it’s wet:)

  2. Mommy Chris thanks for the visit…how’s your easter weekend btw?

    woi glad to hear about potty training your son….potty training is not a fun thing to do for my lil one…it seems like a chore for her….pero she’s doing great now…she need to learn potty before she turns 3….hehehhe…how old is your son pala….:)

    honga pala Mommy Chris..ask ako ng favor to update my blog url to http://demcyapdiandias.blogspot.com/

    big thanks!

  3. congrats mommy chris! malapit na yang son mo. ako start pa lang with Jeremy. di pa nya feel dati kaya had to wait when he’s ready. good luck to us!

  4. Che-Che Tayag says

    Good luck! 🙂

  5. It’s so nice that you are making progress with your son’s potty training. 🙂

  6. earthlingorgeous says

    Yay congratulations! i’ve been training my daughter for months now, she gets the hang of it but sometimes she forget, it’s kinda hard training a child like mine,but yours will be easier 🙂 Good job mommy!

  7. congratulations chris & toby! 🙂

  8. good thing he’s learning.. 🙂
    mine is still a long long way… have a nice day!

  9. wow that is so nice to hear 🙂

    nakalimutan ko na yata paano mag potty train.. but one thing that helps them is the fact that they don’t wear diapers.. sa umaga brief lang so siguro natuto sila mag isa kase uncomfortable na sila when wet.. my two older kids(5 and 4) hindi na sila gumagamit ng diaper even on nights kahit naka aircon pa.. first few months lagi nila akong iniihan pero ngayon sanay na hihi.. for my youngest naku good luck pa at talagang nakalimutan ko na kung paano..

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  10. good luck in potty training! 🙂 tagged you here pala chris! http://www.vinanini.com/2009/04/pinedas.html

  11. onlinemommy says

    Good for you… I temporarily stopped training my daughter to use her potty, I can’t monitor her all through out the day and I am having a hardtime getting my househelp’s cooperation. I think I have to orient my househelp first before proceeding with the potty-training.

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