Toy Hunt – Square Toy

This week’s theme for Toy Hunt is SQUARE TOYS!!!


  1. Oh Rubik’s cube! What can go more square than that? Nice take! 🙂

  2. Karen ~Leah Rose's Mom says

    Great square!

  3. mommy jac says

    perfect square.^o^

  4. hi marunong n b mga kids mo nyan? =) hehehe ako nde kamrunong ahahahkaht isang color lng ehhehe =) mine is here –

  5. cool square toy! hehehe naalala ko tuloy tagal tagal kung nilaro yan noon pero hindi ko na complete ang colors, nakakainis talaga yan..

  6. Oh yeah,, this is square and really good… although my kids are not into this one,,, My hubby and I used to play this rubiks cube but dunno where it is now….

  7. mommy jac says

    Hi Chris I have something for you congratulation…

  8. Fresh Mommy says

    Great choice for a square… those are hard!


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