Toy Hunt – Toys with Shoes

It has been awhile since I was able to participate in Toy Hunt…
This week’s theme is TOYS WITH SHOES.

Dora and Boots!
These are my daughter’s toys. The 2 figures come together with a tree house.

Join in the fun at Toy Hunt!


  1. cute ‘lil toys!!\(^0^)/

  2. Dora is so popular among those girls..

  3. most kids loves dora so much especially my niece..

  4. mommy jac says

    I love Dora and Boots cute nilang pareho.Btw I have an award for you

  5. While Ive got a gianormous DORA ,, you’ve got a cute tiny one , including Boots ,,,,

    Have a lovely week Mom Chris…. nice to see you back and hunting

  6. oh cute naman ni Boots.. tamang tama sa theme ng toy hunt hihi

    Make or Break

  7. Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga says

    Your blog is wonderfull, lovely design, greeting from Belgium

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