What is Your Kid Doing Everyday?

Now that my little boy is 2 years old and is only taking one nap a day, he has a lot of time on his hands. I don’t want him to be watching videos all they long, so I usually limit the watching to 2 hours a day. But sometimes, he just wants to watch and watch! So, I have to become creative and think of possible activities for him.

Usually, he plays with his cars, blocks or balls. To make playtime more interesting and educational, I give him some art and crafts. He loves playing with clay…

Sometimes, I let him use crayons, markers or pencils to draw. I was very surprised to see him draw a fish the other day!

Yesterday, Beth of All About Elizabeth shared some art activities! My daughter used her paintbrush and painted a fish on a paper, then she sprinkled some salt and the salt absorbed the water on the paper. Here is is the result!

Can you suggest any other fun activities? I would love to hear what your kids are doing at home!


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  2. wow, artsy craftsy talaga silang dalawa.

    buti you’re one supportive mom! 🙂
    send ako ng links sa yo on more arts and crafts, para enjoy sila lalo! 🙂

  3. Anzu's Mum says

    wow this post is another helpful tips for mommies like me… ako din, ayoko mababad sa tv si baby, limit ko 1 video a day.. when she turned 5 months, binabasahan ko na si baby ng mga flashcards et al, kaya medyo narerecognize na nya halos..

    No wonder your kids are very smart, magaling ka kasi mommy =)

  4. 4 Lettre Words says

    Oh…I so LOVE that salt/paint trick! Very cool.

    One that I recently read about, but haven’t tried is: Have your child color a picture with the washable markers, then place it outside during a light rain. Once it dries, the runny/blended colors look like a real work of art.

    Check out the website for my absolute favorite magazine ever, as it has some fun (and easy!) kids’ art ideas. It’s “Family Fun Magazine”, which is put out by Disney. You can just copy and paste: http://familyfun.go.com/

  5. Evan's Mom says

    I’ve been looking for fun, yet educational, activity for my son too, don’t like seeing him playing all day. I do find Beth’s arts activities interesting, haven’t tried it though, soon…

  6. my kids loves to draw and doing art and crafts and most of all,they love making origamis!They can watch their fave vids but to a limited time.Most of the time they’re out playing outside when the sun is clear.

  7. Very sweet pictures! My 2-year old loves to play with clay too!

  8. hi i am doint some summer activity to my kids din…kasi nga summer alang magawa ehehhe =) here’s some of the activities we made na =) visit http://elishafreyalising.blogspot.com

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