Bedtime Routine

Do you have a bedtime routine with your kids?

After dinner, my kids will take their bath, brush their teeth and change to their pajamas. They get a couple of toys or draw and color. Then my son just does his wrestling match with the pillows (he always does it!). Then they drink milk and we read books together. And when the clock hits 8 o’clock i tell them it is lights off. Sometimes, I tell them stories. That is our usual bedtime routine.

When they were smaller, I learned that bedtime routines such as a warm bath, stories, music and lights off help the babies know that it is time to wind down. And after a few years, I can see that it has paid off. Though there are days they just dont want to sleep yet, most of the time, they oblige with the rules.

I am glad that the kids sleep through the night already. Kyla began sleeping through the night when we weaned her from bottle feeding around 3 years old. Toby around 2 years old when we weaned him from breastfeeding.

Have you ever wondered how much sleep does our kids need? This is what I found out from Information About Children’s Sleep For Parents and Teachers


Hours Of Sleep

0 – 2 months
10.5 – 18
2 – 12 months
14 – 15
1 – 3 years
12 – 14
3 – 5 years
11 – 13
5 – 12 years
10 – 11

Though each child has different needs, this charts shows the recommended number of sleep hours including naptime.


  1. Pilar Stark says

    Thanks for the chart that was pretty interesting-I do have a bed time routine too and they all learn to go sleep on their own when they were little. It has been such a blessing. It sure makes things easier for us mom.

  2. I also started early on Joaqui’s bedtime routine and until now he has a regular sleep schedule. ; )

  3. sam sleeps at around 10pm. i should start training her to sleep earlier… my bad! got a tag for u mommy, btw.

  4. onlinemommy says

    Nice to know that my daughter still meets the hours of sleep. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my entry.God Bless!

  5. All my kids sleep all night. We do pretty much the same thing. Take bath, snacks, brush teeth, read, and off to night night land. I have to lay with my 3 years old because he want go to sleep unless mommy cuddle bugs him. LOL –something I started and he say cuddle bug mommy cuddle bug mommy. TFSHave a wonderful day!

  6. Mommy Jac says

    Hi Chris,I love the chart very informative and thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.

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