Friday Photo Flashback #5

Friday Photo Flashback

This is my senior prom official picture!
Truly a special night as it was my first time to go out with make up on! And of course, wearing a formal dress. It feels like its been SO LONG AGO!

Its quite fun to dig up old pictures, so why don’t you join us at Friday Photo Flashback!


  1. Anzu's Mum says

    wow ate chris.. i remember that hairstyle hihi… bata pa din ako nun ginaganyan ko ang bangs ko.. love it

  2. buti ka pa nakapag-papicture nung prom night nio. i cant remember i had myself pictured that night. sayang. btw, you looked lovely in that photo 🙂

  3. Whoa! I thought I was looking at That’s Entertainment talent of Kuya Germs. Ang ganda ni Mommy Chris ha. Nice photo! 🙂

    Did you check the entry on the top10 list? I also left a message in facebuk. thanks. 🙂

  4. You’re so gorgeous here Mommy Chris!I like your hairstyle..stunning!!

  5. wow! mommy chris you look so lovely in this pic. :)i like your hairstyle.

    and you look like an actress here ha. parang sharon cuneta time. :))

  6. ♥Rocío♥ says

    You look Lovely!!!

  7. Genejosh says

    ang ganda!

  8. Pilar Stark says

    you look sooooo pretty!!!

  9. pretty 😀

  10. Beth in NC says

    You look absolutely beautiful!

  11. My kids laugh at me when i tell them that i wasnt allowed to wear make up and that the first time i ever did was my SENIOR prom…(hairspray too actually). Funny how times change. Nice to find someone who had an experience like i did too!

  12. Wow, You look like a Chinese actress ; )

  13. Sweet Serendipity says

    What a fun photo! Love the background. Thanks for sharing.

  14. How pretty!!!!! I love it!!! I’m sure you had such a great time at your prom!!!

  15. The Bumbles says

    Now that’s a hot mama! No wonder your folks didn’t want you to wear make-up :0)

    If I shared a photo from my prom it would be awful – what the heck were we thinking with our hair styles in the ’80’s???

  16. wow ang sexy eheheh =) ang cute nmn =) ako walng phot ng prom kasi ala p kme camera nun eh =(

  17. momstheword says

    Ooooh, you look hot, girlfriend! So very pretty and that dress looks gorgeous! Love the hairstyle and the earrings!

  18. Wow! YOu look like a model in that picture. All those “firsts”, too, must make it a wonderful memory!

  19. You are beautiful! What a special picture!

  20. Wow, you were very beautiful.

  21. Muthering Heights says

    Your dress was so pretty!

  22. wow you are gergous!!

  23. Clarissa says

    oh my!!buti ka pa merong pic sa senior prom and you look stunning ha!I'm sure you had fun at your senior prom!^_^any stories behind it?

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