I ♥ Faces – Laughter

There is no greater joy for a mom than to see her kids laugh and enjoy! Here is a happy moment captured. My kids were playing with bubbles — they were jumping and catching and popping the bubbles.

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  1. Beth in NC says

    Children are just precious — no denying it.

  2. American in Norway says

    Cute shot… they look like they are having a great time! : )

  3. momof3darlings says

    Oh that is beautiful! You have BEAUTIFUL children! What a blessing!

  4. You are right, that is the BEST joy! Your kids look like they had a lot of fun!

  5. Alicia W. says

    This is a great entry.

  6. My Two Seasons says

    What a sweet picture! They are so cute!

  7. What a great picture. Beautiful smile.

  8. Great photo!

  9. Clarissa says

    I love her smile!!

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