Kid’s Art… What Next?

My kids have tons of art work especially now that its summer vacation. Most of the artwork are just stacked on a shelf somewhere or at the ref. But how about other art works? Honestly, I keep most of them but some of them, I just have to throw away. So what are the ways to preserve or keep these art works?

Here are some tips I would like to share.
1. Create a Wall of Art
We have a designated space in the kids room where they can stick any of their art works or stickers.
2. Give to Relatives
The kids can put a simple message at the back of their art work and give it to favorite aunt or grandparents.
3. Put It on Frames
We buy nice frames for the kids’ work. This is for special family portraits or special drawings.
4. Keep It on A Clearbook or Special Envelope
With so much art work being done, I really dont want to throw any work away. Clearbooks or envelopes can help keep the art work organized. We can also make a scrapbook for the kids and include their art work.
5. Capture It on Photo and Turn It into Souveneirs
We can capture the art works in photo so that when the original art work is not around anymore, we can still look back at their work. Also technology has also allowed us to use the captured photo on mouse pads, place mats and other printable items.


  1. Yeah, these are good suggestions for kids’ art works. Joaqui’s are just posted on the fridge ; )

  2. Dahil ‘di kalakihan ang aming fridge,palagi itong puno at weekly ang palit ng art works. Mapuno na rin isang drawer sa kitchen ko. 😀 I like the wall idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I keep the kids art work in a binder.
    Great Ideas Thanks for Sharing!

  4. Clarissa says

    I keep Wakaba’s art work in a binder,too.Some of them are decorated on our giant cork board for display.
    Thanks for sharing!!^_^

    I’m back from the long holiday but Haruka had an accident during the last day.Nai-rush na namin cya sa ospital and she’s ok now.Thanks heaven!

  5. neat! naku with my boys it’s not feasible pa, when we do artworks they want to keep it andplay with it hangang sa masira na LOL

    maybe when they are older..

    The party was ok, kaso sa sobrang pagod ko, ngayon lang ako nakaka pag blog hop *grins

    Make or Break

  6. sweetytots says

    nice tips, i do that too. I have about 3 or 4 clearbooks full of little J’s work of art. At one point I made her display it on one of the cabinets in our living room. We also have a full wall of whiteboard that she use to practice writing and we display her work there too with magnets.

    I am back Chris, nice to blog hop again. Thanks for visiting my blogs even when there not much of activity.

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