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Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! Today’s theme is HAPPY MOMMY MOMENTS. As I was looking at our pictures together, I can’t choose which one stands out since every moment we are together is happy for me. Really. I am truly enjoying motherhood. Since the kids were born until now. So I decided to post all these pics…

The best moments are those times that the kids just cuddle up to me and embrace me real tight.

How about you? Share your happy mommy moments with us!

mommy moments


  1. ei i forgot to comment ehheh =) actually me idinagdag p kasi akong pic kaya d p ko nag comment kaso naka entr n ko ehhe =)

    sarap maging momy no? kahit anupang hirap….sana lalu p tyung tulungan ni Lord palakasin ang atngkatawan para maalakaagn p ntin anganting mga babies at sana wag dn silang magkasakit =) happy mothers day!!!!
    mine is here –

  2. nel's bebi says

    i know! i couldn’t choose either sa super dami ng happy moments ko, hahaha. pag nilagay ko lahat mapupuno ang entry ko, hahaha
    happy mothers day!

  3. nel's bebi says

    nagdagdag tuloy ako ng pics, nainggit ako e, hahaha

  4. Twinkie says

    Chris!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

    Super aliw ang cute cute ni Kyla bilugang-bilugan pa parang si Mia rin nuon. Sana na lang lagi sila mapipintog ang pisngi noh?

    And yes super saya talaga ang pagiging mommy. 😀

  5. awww….advance happy mother’s day chris! your pictures really made me smile :)i can feel the happiness just looking at them. My MM soon!

  6. you are right! everyday is happy moments with our kids!! naku ang yakap at halik nila enough gift na on mother’s day tlga!

    advance happy mother’s day to u chris!!

  7. you look happy moment talaga kau mommy anyway advance HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you

  8. earthlingorgeous says

    Happy Mothers Day! 🙂 Nice happy looking photos! 🙂

  9. Nothing beats being a mom, di ba? It’s the best feeling ever. Advance Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. Ang hirap mamili ng pictures when all pics with kids are all memorable to me.

    Kahit ngarag to look for pics to post masaya pa rin at fulfilled na makasali.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you at sa lahat ng mga mommies na nakilala ko dito.

    Sana makita ko rin kayo someday at maging tunay na mga kaibigan hindi lang sa Net. 🙂

  11. mommy jac says

    Happy mothers day Mommy!!! Here is my Happy mother moments

    Stay happy Chris!!!

  12. Beth Moreno says

    nothing beats your moments with your kids…and super unforgettable ALWAYS!

    happy mother’s day na din mami chris! =)

  13. “I am truly enjoying motherhood” – that’s about the most wonderful thing I’ve read today, Chris.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mommies!

  14. Clarissa says

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too,Mommy Chris!!and thanks for welcoming me for joining!^_^

  15. Happy mother’s day Mommy Chris! thanks for sharing pics

  16. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy Chris! Those snapshots are cute. My entry is here

  17. Genejosh says

    every moment we spent with our kids is a happy moment..I agree with you…

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Mine’s here:
    Mommy Moments- Happy Mommy Moments

  18. ~wickedlysexy c",? says

    Hi, I’m a newbie in your meme. Hope you find my post interesting enough to count me in.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  19. Genejosh says

    Thanks God…navisit ko lahat ng entrants and posted comments except Lulu…kasi I didn’t see some labels on where to post a comment..Thanks Chris for hosting this. I gained lots of friends…

  20. mine is up! tnx for this meme. i love it!

  21. ako rin nahirapan mamili hehehe i guess talagang ganyan ang mommies, basta kasama lang ang anak masaya na 🙂

    ang cute ng mga anak mo! 🙂

    Happy mother’s day!

  22. It is truly a Blessing to be a Mother and thank you for creating Mommy Moments , its good to share !!!
    Mine is here

  23. I missed last week Mommy Moments. Now I’m back. What a sweet and love mommy moments here. Happy Mothers Day Chris.

  24. Happy Mothers Day!Nice pic & shows a real happy moments as a mother!

  25. nothing beats the happy feeling of being with our children. you are right mommy chris, the best moments are those simple gestures of hugs and kisses.

    may you have a good weekend and great mother’s day!

  26. Hugs and kisses lang from our kids and that will surely make our day ; ) Happy Mother’s Day!

  27. Staying home and goofing around with our kids sometimes nakakapagod pero masaya hehehe. Mana sa mommy ang mga eyes ng anak mo chris hehehehe.

  28. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    this is the best theme of the week! Love your photos mommy!!!

    Anyway, Happy Mother’s day to all MOMMIES out there!

  29. Laine's Cutie Abode says

    mommy chris love your pictures, ang saya-saya tos ang sweet-sweet ninyong tatlo ng mga kiddos mo. :))

    Happy Mother’s day chris 🙂

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