Monday Movie Meme – Tear Jerkers

Every Monday, The Bumbles Blog hosts a movie meme. They have a weekly theme. The theme this week is tear jerkers – movies which made you cry. Well, when I watched the following movies, my tears just welled up and these movies just made a mark in my heart.

My list includes:
Patch Adams
A Walk To Remember
Marley and Me
Mr. Hollands Opus
The Passion of the Christ

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  1. Beth in NC says

    I haven’t watched those movies, but it doesn’t take much to make me cry! I’m such a girl. ha.

  2. Hi Chris! You are the second person who says Marley and Me is a nice movie.Now im curious hihi. My list is here

  3. The Passion of the Christ is an excellent choice; it’s so sad that I can only watch it once, and can not endure watching it again. Patch Adams is another great choice.

  4. E @ Scottsville says

    Hey, just wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting our new “Five Moms & A Blog” site! I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know lots of new moms thru this little adventure. =0)~ Erica

  5. Carrie K. says

    I definitely cried while watching Patch Adams and Marley and Me. I’ve yet to see The Passion of the Christ – I’m just not sure I could handle it.

  6. The Bumbles says

    I knew Marley & Me would make someone’s list out there. I have been avoiding that movie like the plague. The book had me so distraught I can’t imagine what the movie would do.

  7. hey mommy chris yep i joined too! we are dangerous if we watched movie together kasi baka bumaha…. lol

  8. Sunny Sweet Pea says

    I had to add Passion of the Christ to my list after you triggered my memory. That film actually traumatised me!

  9. great list I’m a crier too. my movie meme

  10. Clarissa says

    wwaahh!!naalala ko tuloy ang ‘a walk to remember’ movie.bumaha din ang luha ko dun!!(T_T)

  11. A Walk to Remember is really a sad movie, but really nice. I remember watching this film alone at Alabang Town Center while waiting for my husband. I was absent from work that day, LOL!

  12. i’m a dog lover and i cried buckets when i saw marley and me 😉

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