Friday Photo Flashback # 8

This photo was taken on my 4th birthday with my dad.

This was taken on my wedding day. 2001.
This was a few moments before the ceremony.

I rarely have pictures with my dad so these pictures are quite precious!
My dad is very supportive and I am very thankful that he loves me in his own way.
Happy father’s day Dad!

I just love looking at photos! Join in the fun… head to for more!


  1. Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility says

    What a sweet Father's Day post!

    And I like your new bloggy look!

  2. ang cute ng old pics mo chris, magkamukha kayo ng panganay mo, with your chinky eyes and cute hehehe, thanks for sharing your old photos.

  3. Those pictures are great. Old and it!

  4. Kathy C. says

    I love those photos – perfect for Father's Day weekend. I did a "Father's Day" Flashback too! 🙂

  5. Love the picture! I'm the same way — I think I have just the wedding picture with my dad.

  6. What a great treasure you have in those photos.
    I know what you mean for some reason I don´t have many with my dad so mines are also a treasure.

  7. Such sweet pictures.

  8. Sweet pictures =)

  9. Very nice photos! Precious moments talaga!

  10. wow that's cute photos wish i have photo with my Pop!!

  11. wow ako rin hahanap ng pic ng tatay ko. thanks! lovely. you look the same nung young ka. haha. parang ung baby girl mo rin. ^^

  12. Hi Chris! I don't have many pictures w/ my dad either, so I know how you feel!!

    I love your wedding picture! Beautiful!!

    Thank you for sharing again!

  13. Such touching pictures! Hope you had a great father's day weekend!

  14. wow parang di tumanda si tatay mo..

    this is touching for me kase wala akong tatay eh hehe

    Make or Break

  15. Aw! Love your cake ha! Precious talaga ang pictures na ito.

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