I ♥ Faces – Birthday

This is my daughter’s 4th birthday! (She is now 5)
She loves Dora so we got a cake designed with Dora! 🙂
Look at how she tried to smile for this picture…!


  1. It’s such a nice cake ; )

  2. onlinemommy says

    My daughter also likes Dora so I also have to find a Dora cake during her first birthday. For the love for our daughter 😀

  3. AnnaVille says

    love those chinky eyes!

    I ♥ Faces : Happy Birthday!

  4. Such a cute picture.

  5. Beth in NC says

    My daughter had a Dora cake last year, but nothing as nice as this. What a great cake and a cute picture of your daughter.

  6. A Dora the Explorer cake…how cute!!! You daughter is adorable!

  7. she is so sweet and kind of favors dora a bit 🙂

  8. hip chick says

    What a sweet picture. That is a great Dora cake. I hope you had lot’s of people to share it with.

  9. Tiaras & Tantrums says

    cute little grin – love that cake

  10. Showed the cake to Rylie and she said she want her next bday cake to be like that of your daughter’s hehehe..

  11. Sweet Serendipity says

    Great cake! My daughter is turning 4 on Sunday and would love that cake 😀
    Sweet pic of your big girl.

  12. Great shot!

  13. Clarissa says

    What a beautiful cake!!A cutie Dora the cake and Kyla!!!

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