I ♥ Faces – Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Today’s theme is about the boys!
And I would like to feature the two most important men in my life 🙂

this is Toby, my 2 year old

this is my hubby

I love you both!


  1. Chris…your baby is soooooo adorable!!!!!! I love the background too!!!!!

    Great entries!

  2. wow he's so cute!!! he looks like Chinese model…

  3. shanghai! sorry un talaga naiisip when ever I see Toby hehe..

    Make or Break

  4. hehehe, kamukha mo bebe mo.

    Kakatuwa naman mag-ama.

  5. You have very handsome men in your life.

  6. Blessed indeed. Handsome boys.

  7. Mommy Rachelle says

    The first image is great – beautiful background makes handsome 2-year-old really stand out!

  8. Stephanie says

    I love your little boys pic!!! He's so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!!

  9. Yelena R. says

    Adorable photos! Also, your blog is very cute!

  10. ang cute ng son mo ate….
    parang siyang chinesse ^_~…
    btw belated happy father's day sa huband u…

  11. cute Toby. your male version. 😀

    I joined too Chris! thanks.

  12. Great shots!

  13. Your little boy is adorable. I love how you captured him. Such a clean, crisp shot with the background.

  14. Tiaras & Tantrums says

    great captures

  15. Lexie Loo & Dylan Too says

    Great pictures!

  16. 4 Lettre Words says

    Great job, Chris! Love them both.

  17. Jen H - Australia says

    What a gorgeous pic of your son! Thanks for your comment on my blog, yes boys will be boys lolol!!!

  18. Such nice pictures.

  19. The Animator's Wife says

    two great blessings!

  20. Both pictures are gorgeous!

  21. Absolutely adorable. You have a beautiful son…


  22. SkinnyJeans says

    What a beautiful little boy backed up by pure beauty as well. Great job on both pics.

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