I ♥ Faces – Sepia Toned for Father’s Day

Since Father’s Day is on Sunday, I want to post an entry about fatherhood.
Just look at how the boys enjoy their bonding times together!



  1. Beth in NC says

    That is a precious picture. So sweet!

  2. Such a sweet picture.

  3. What a lovely memory to have captured.

  4. So sweet & lovely!Cute nilang tingnan.God Bless!

  5. That is a very treasured, and indeed a precious moment. So glad you were able to get such a good photo of it!

  6. Cindy Streams says

    How sweet! They look like they’re praying together. :o)

  7. Tiaras & Tantrums says

    what a precious photo!!

  8. Julie@Momspective says

    Love it! I need to get my butt in gear for Father’s Day!

  9. What a sweet picture!

  10. Beautiful moment you captured!

  11. So sweet! The bond between a father and a child is such a wonderful thing and you captured it so beautifully.

  12. Carebear says

    Oh how sweet! What a wonderful moment you captured!

  13. Alyssa @ CrazyBusy says

    Aw! Very sweet! Love, Alyssa

  14. Great shot. It is a very touching moment you captured!

    I can see from here that Daddy is really making Toby angry haha

    Make or Break

  16. Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie says

    Ohhh! I love daddy moments like this!

  17. That's a nice photo…Happy Father's Day in Advance to your husband.

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