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Its Friday once again! Our theme for this week is SCHOOL DAYS. Here in the Philippines, school has just started this month. My little girl is currently in the preparatory level. She still goes to the same school she went to last year. She just started to go to school last year. She had a hard time adjusting for the first two weeks. She didn’t want me to leave her and she didn’t want to participate at all! Well, I am glad that she has out grown that stage already. I am happy that she is not too shy anymore but she still doesn’t participate in games. She is hesitant to join in programmes too but slowly, she was able to adjust and she seemed more comfortable already by the end of the school year. She also did really well at school too. I hope this year, she will be able to cope up and do well too! My little Toby is still being homeschooled by Mommy this year.

Here is my little girl in uniform 🙂

In costume for United Nations Day

In P.E. Uniform at their field trip

With Toby at the school’s Family Day
Now, join us at mommy moments!

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  1. What cute pictures! Thanks for coming by!
    I love the last picture they are to cute.

  2. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    that is so cute! I can't wait for my son to go to school preschool soon! Well, still have to wait 2 years but oh well…can't play right now…:)

  3. Michelle says

    Your little one is so cute. Glad she has adjusted to school. That can always be hard transition. My little one also had a hard time leaving me the first few months of school. She's better now and ready to start kindergarten in the fall. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Very cute.

  5. Evan's Mom says

    Oh she's so cute holding an umbrella 🙂
    My son needed time to adjust too, so I guess it happens to many kids. The most important thing is at the end of the day we can see some progresses on them. Happy Friday mommy Chris.

  6. Your darlings so cute!!My kids are excited going to school even on their first day–it was me who was worried about them but everything's turned out just fine.Here's mine:

    Happy weekend to all MM participants!^_^

  7. your daughter is so cute in her uniform

  8. Lovely shots. I love looking at kids in school attire. The first pic is a cutie! Complete ensemble 🙂

  9. Nice pics! Excited na rin ako for kuya to go to school so pass muna ko for this week's Mommy Moments. Will join again next week 🙂

  10. Hi Mom Chris…. Its good she had outgrown the separation stage ,, anyway,, hope she will soon enjoy participating with school activities.. Encouragement and praises would help her alot!!! and for sure you are all doing that!!! Just keep up!!!

  11. Kyla's so cute in her school uniform. I think she's still adjusting, but she'll soon outgrow her shyness; that's for sure.

  12. lovely pictures and here school uniform is cute.actually both my angels agree that her school bag is eldest is pink fanatic….ehehehe.anyways here is my MM for this week have a great weekend =)

  13. Pretty Kyla in her uniform. Since its my first time…I can't wait to join various school activities…Especially the family day!

  14. The Bumbles says

    That is a precious photo of your daughter. School is just ending here so although the kids are excited the Mommies I know are bracing themselves for chaos!

  15. chubskulit says

    Love the last pic… Thanks for the comforting words Mommy Chris, we might go home for my brother's funeral..

    Can't wait till my children goes to school.. For my entry, i featured my nieces here

  16. ay so cute mommy…I can't wait my lil Danielle to be in school next year…

    Happy MM!

  17. lovely pictures! your daughter is so cute in her uniform…

  18. cute nya sa uniform! 🙂

    too bad my son's not yet in school, i'll just join the next MM theme.. :]

  19. ~wickedlysexy c",? says

    your daughter is so cute in that last picture….hay, sana magkaroon na rin ako ng daughter soon.

  20. SASSY MOM says

    ang cute ng daughter mo. Its so nice to see kids actively participating in school activities syempre ang mommies abala rin. Thanks for always dropping by..happy weekend Chris!

  21. oh so lovely pictures mommy chris. like ko yong last pix nila kyla and toby. 🙂

    can't wait for my little kiddo to be in school next year. :))

  22. Happy Thoughts says

    Hi, this is my first time to join and so far I have been enjoying blog hopping and reading the different entries. Thanks for the this great idea. Here's my entry:

  23. how old is she? my daughter is turning 7 this July. are they the same age?

  24. ang cute ng anak mo chris 😀

    can't wait for my daughter to be in school next year.

  25. Love the United Nations costume – she looks precious! Hope the school year is starting off well for her!

  26. Whew! Nakahabol pa ako!

    Ang cute naman ni Kyla! Nakakatuwa rin ang paiba-ibang hairstyle niya. Hmmm… pink din favorite color niya noh? Hehe!

    I'm sure she'll get more adjusted next year. I remember nung Kinder A ako naiyak pa nga ako… Buti na lang kasama ko Ate Twinkle ko. Hinawakan niya kamay ko habang umiiyak ako at kumakanta kami ng Lupang Hinirang. Haha!

    Have a blessed weekend Chris!

  27. Wow, Kyla seems to love going to school ; ) Cute ng UN costume nya. Have a happy weekend!

  28. hi Chris, how young are your kids? Mukhang kasing age ng little girl mo ang unico hijo ko. 🙂 Sa nursery class nila last year Mexico naman yung nirepresent nya.

  29. Ang cute talaga ano pag anak mo na ang naka uniform and ready for school. nakakatuwa tingnan at ang kocute nila sa kanilang maliit na uniform, bags at mga iba pang gamit sa school hehehe. Mukhang hilig ng anak mo mag aral chris, sana lahat ng bata ganyan. Ako hindo ako mahilig mag aral, laging nag kacut classes hehehehe. Sana itong jake ko hindi magmana sa katamaran ng ina lol

  30. your kids are just so beautiful, lalo na si Kyla on her costume, kakagigil. I bet you are one proud mama.. i can't wait na rin tuloy to see Thea in school uniform.
    I don't have any pictures to share so i thought pic ko na lang (hehehe) here's my entry:

    Happy Weekend Mommy!!

  31. Ang cute ng kids on those uniform,love it.Have a Blessed week end!

  32. hi mommy chris…late yung comment hehe..dunno why last night I couldn't access your site..must be sa net connection ko sa bahay…

    anyway, hope ur Saturday's doing ok..and hey ur kid is so cute on that uniform. nakakatuwa tingnan mga bata na nag-i-school n, no?. although minsan, feeling ko, tumatanda n pala ako at may kinder girl n ako..Lol..

  33. I'm back! Sorry for the long absence. Well, those pictures are cute and surely is a good remembrance.

  34. In no time, Kyla will loosen up in class and the next thing you know, she doesn’t want to leave school na. Hehe!Medyo late ang aking entry this week. Asher isn’t schooling yet pero I don’t want to miss Mommy Moments kaya I somehow infused na lang Asher’s love of books with the theme.By the way, I see that you’re related with Joey Yao at FB. Is he your bro or cousin? We were former officemates pero ibang departments nga lang.

  35. Cutie Kyla. 🙂

    Since absent ako sa MM last Friday, i'll be posting two entries sayang naman ang mga pics na naka-uniform ang mga kiddos ko. 🙂

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