Pregnancy Flashback

Today is the first day of school for my eldest. She is now in preparatory class level. I was so happy that as I brought her to her classroom today and told her that I would just come fetch her again, she didn’t object at all. I guess she has adjusted fully that she goes to school and this is something she does on her own. Its totally a different picture from last school year’s first day.

I marvel at how time passes by so fast. I can still remember while I was pregnant with Kyla, I had hyperemesis and was even hospitalized for 2 days on my first trimester. I couldn’t go to work then because I was always throwing up and couldn’t think straight. I was so glad when my first trimester was over. I didn’t gain any weight at all during my first trimester! Then I started to enjoy pregnancy on my 4th month and was able to prepare for our baby. I read lots of books and I gained lots of weight! By the time I was about to give birth, I had gained almost 50 pounds I think! I wished I had read Pregnancy without pounds. It could have helped me to manage my weight then.

Anyway, now that my daughter is 5 years old, I just want to continue enjoying my journey as a stay at home mom.


  1. oh Kayla is so brave!with my two kids, may kaunting suyuan muna before pumayag mag paiwan hehe.. now I told them na hindi na ako sasama sa school, they just have to ride their tricycle service on their own 🙂 Make or Break

  2. I wish I could have had children, you are truly blessed.

  3. intresting 🙂 thanks for sharing.

    hehe.. another contest I taken part

    hehe.. look at my clothes.

  4. You seemed had a very healthy pregnancy, you progressed well, I just hope my wife too will be able to deliver our baby safely.

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