Thanks for Dropping By!

A big thanks to all who regularly pass by and follow The Mommy Journey.
Here are the my top 10 EC droppers for the month of June.

On The Bricks
Blazing Minds
Inside My Head
Bitz N Pieces of My Life
The Baby In Between
Pensive Thoughts
Sweet Nothings
My Loonyverse


  1. made your top 10 again! thanks for the visits and drops too Chris!

  2. wow congrats sa lahat ng EC dropers ni chris..ako nde n ko maka drop kaya ala n ko eheheh =0 d bale dalw n lng ako =)

  3. Bless you, and your blogs.

  4. wow The Baby in Between made it! will visit you more often pa mommy chris..i always enjoy reading ur blog posts… 🙂

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