Thursday 13 – Animated Movies

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Since I have little kids and I am a Stay At Home Mom, I can’t help but watch movies on the video with the kids. Here is a list of some of my favorite animated movies we have watched…

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  1. Its one of the things I enjoy too…All of these I've watched and keep watching all over again with my son 🙂

  2. my all-time favorite – Beauty and the Beast!

    Here's mine.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Great list.

  4. I am Harriet says
  5. Smittenly Written says

    The Lion King and The Lion King 2 are my most favorites. Brother Bear too. 😉 Happy T13!!!

  6. She Became A Butterfly says

    B&B is still a fave for me and I'm 32! happy tt!

  7. Genejosh says

    I'm fond of cartoon movies too! I watched all of them too..

    BTW, love your new lay-out talaga..sooo cooollll!!!

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History

  8. Cars and Ice Age are big hits around here!! I miss the days when my daughter would love to watch the "princess" movies. Sigh.

  9. great list a least my grandaughter thinks so

  10. Momstart says

    I love them all

  11. Emily/Randomability says

    We watch Cars and Alice in wonderland. although I think we're on a break now. YAY!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thursday 13 (although you are now already on Friday! LOL!!)

  12. Susan Helene Gottfried says

    You're raising your kids right, I'd say!

    My kids have been going on and on lately about Madagascar and Madagascar 2. They've seen both without me, so I am utterly clueless about what they're talking about! I need an excuse to fix that!

    Happy T13.

  13. The Gal Herself says

    Lady & the Tramp! I haven't seen that one in ages! I'll have to see if I can dig up a copy. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

  14. I have watched all of these ; ) Joaqui likes Finding Nemo ;p

  15. J at says

    My favorite animated kids movie was "Spirited Away". Thought the japanese anime might be too much for my daughter, but she absolutely LOVED it.

  16. My expressions LIVE says

    All favorites of mine…really enjoyed Bugs life at Disney….

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