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Traveling is something that I love. When I was younger, my mom would take us to Taiwan during summer vacations and while my grandma was alive, she also took us to see China. It was great, since it was like learning about the culture of my forefathers!

There are still so many countries that I would like to visit someday. Okinawa Japan is one of those places. Okinawa Japan is known for beautiful beach resorts and its cherry blossoms. I have seen some pictures from some mommy blogger friends and I would love to see it personally someday! Okinawa has a very distinct culture from the rest of Japan as it has been influenced by China and other parts of Asia.

I learned about Okinawa though the Okinawa-Information. This website has so much information about the place. It is a great site to visit when you are planning your vacation. There are so many Okinawa hotels. There are 28 hotels in the south, 9 hotels in central, 20 hotels in the north, 12 hotels in the Yaeyama Islands, 4 in the Miyako Islands and 1 in the Kerama islands. There is a total of 74 Okinawa hotels listed in the website. That is a lot!

Hopefully, when the kids are bigger, we will be able to travel as a family to this place.


  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. onlinemommy says

    Ako din want to visit Japan. Pero visit lang. Wala kse atang Baptist or khit man lng Christian church dun. Meron man madalang cguro 🙁

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