WFW: Philippians 4:8


Are we thinking about what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely or admirable?

Happy WFW!


  1. onlinemommy says

    Thanks for the reminder mommy 🙂

    Thanks also for the visit and comment. I was here this morning and was able to read your article re: When Your Toddler Hits but too busy to post a comment.

    It is my observation that most male toddlers are into that action. Don't know why. Maybe because of the are masculine(?) But you are correct. This is not right and should be stopped as early as possible.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Thanks for coming by! Love the picture how beautiful!

  3. JamericanSpice says

    Thanks for the reminder. This is what I need to be thinking about right now with my struggles. God's word is there for the aid.

    Lovely photo.

    and thanks for visiting with me.

  4. Miss Anne says

    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    he's adorable 🙂

  5. Wonderful WFW.

  6. What a BEAUTIFUL blog!

  7. GREAT VERSE!!! such a cute picture to go with it too!

  8. Beautiful verse. Thanks for visiting my site. Blessings!

  9. life's journey says

    That is a nice verse Chris Thanks for sharing…I also have entry…

  10. A cute picture, and I love that verse.

  11. ellen b. says

    Beautiful reminder. Reading all these WFW really sets my mind in the right place :0)

  12. I love this verse!! Always helps get our minds focused on the right things. The picture is also adorable!

  13. JesuLalaine says

    I just love this verse too! and by the way, can't wait for this week's mommy moments :)God bless!!

    Lalaine's World
    From Asia and Beyond
    Day to Day Miracles
    Trying to be Fit
    Not a Shopaholic

  14. Samantha says

    Such a precious picture and beautiful scripture. Blessings to you dear one.

  15. From the Heart says

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. This is the first time I have done this. I like your verse and picture.

  16. Chuchie Lopez-Wilks says

    great verse and lovely photo…salamat sa comment Chris ha..i really love this meme…this meme made me get back to Him.minsan kasi nkakalimot tau dba?

  17. Wisdom for Today says

    One of my favorite verses and a great pic, too. Thanks for sharing:)

  18. Sweet Serendipity says

    Thanks for sharing 😀

  19. Alicia, The Snowflake says

    Oh what a precious picture! It is also a great reminder to hold each thought captive. Thank you! Happy WFW!

  20. Great choice for today. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Good question!! Happy WFW!! This was my first one!

  22. Amydeanne says

    Amen!! 🙂

  23. Wow nice picture. ang cute ni toby sa pix. and the pix goes well with the verse. thanks for sharing mommy chris. 🙂

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