Yesterday’s News

Yesterday, Eds informed that I got an increase in my PageRank. It was great news!

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Then when I viewed my page, my page got distorted! I tried to think of what I have done last before I went to sleep… but hubby was bringing the laptop with him so I just had to access email through my mobile. Its a good thing that Ms. Carlota helped me find out what went wrong. Thanks for helping me again, Ms. Carlota!

And of course, the news about Michael Jackson’s death. Though I am not really an avid fan of Michael, I grew up listening to his songs and watching his MTVs. I still remember the Thriller MTV… It is sad to see a music icon pass away. I can still remember when Francis M. passed away a few months ago…

Life is so short… Let us live it the way God wants us to. I think that is the best!


  1. Sweet Serendipity says

    Hey congrats on the PR3! Mine went up yesterday too. Exciting stuff 😉

    Glad your site is all better. It looks great!

  2. Fresh Mommy says

    So true!! And so important to live the way God wants us too, life passes us by too quickly!


  3. Google PageRank of 3? That's awesome. Nice to meet you today.


    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  4. congrats on the PR3!

    oo nga, sad din bec of the death of MJackson. You are right: we just have to live life the way God wants us to. Take care!

  5. chubskulit says

    Off topic, just a quick visit…Just want to express my gratitude to all of you who offers such a strong support to my family, with your prayers and encouraging words it lighten up the burdens we are feeling. We will be flying tonight going to the Philippines to attend to my brother’s funeral.Please include us in your prayers especially my children, for them not to catch the h1n1 virus that is going around the country. Thank you all once again!

  6. onlinemommy says

    Congrats!I missed the Mommy Momments 🙁

  7. mutuelle says

    We don’t control our lives,God does,the best way to keep being happy is by following his path..there’s no doubt of this.

  8. Modern Mom says

    Congrats on your pr3! Lahat naman ata felt sad about that news, even my kids kahit hindi nila era si MJ.Btw, I have nominated you for 2 awards. Please drop by and claim them in my blog when you have the time.The Modern Mom

  9. ☆Willa☆ says

    congrats!! great news indeed!!!

  10. The whole world cry for MJ & you’re right Mommy Chris,Life is so short… Let us live it the way God wants us to. I have two awards for you..hope you don’t mind…thanks in advance..grin!

  11. Momma Bams says

    congrats sa PR3, you deserve it. Well nweis, shocking news nga yung nangyari kay MJ.. we’re also saddened, nag-iisa lang kasi sya eh. R.I.P

  12. Modern Mom says

    Thanks Chris! I added your badge na rin. :)Happy Monday!

  13. Congrats.

  14. congratulations on your new PR Chris! Keep it up!

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