Am I Getting Through?

Our kids have different personalities and as moms, it is our job to connect to them whatever their personality is. Sometimes, because of these personality differences, it comes out to outsiders that we have personal favorites. When in fact, we are just relating to each one according to each personality type.

With my eldest daughter, I didn’t really had a hard time since she listens to me and she is a logical thinker. I just need to be able to explain things to her and once she understands, it is easy for her to follow.

As for my little boy who is now 2 years old, I need to understand how to effectively communicate to him. He is very playful and can come across as naughty. I still am learning his behavior and his personality. So I was really glad when I came across this Talking to Toddlers series. It is an audio course about terrible twos and using effective communication with toddlers. I am only halfway through the course, but I have been practicing what I have learned, so far, most of it is working!

I am excited to be able to finish the course and apply what I’ve learned to effectively communicate with my 2 year old. Eventually, I can also share some pointers with you.

Note: This is not a paid posting.


  1. where na yong blog na imakeover…

  2. ~ Mhay ~ says

    Wow, thanks for sharing. This will surely help. My daughter is already 3+ but I’m sure, I’ll benefit from this for our baby#2 🙂 God bless Chris!

  3. Sounds interesting.

  4. ♥Willa♥ says

    i know what you mean with different personality, buti nga sa iyo at least boy and girl, i mean talagang obvious na they are different, but mine,both boys, but still, they are totally two different person,kaya different approach for each of them.Mommy chris, if you are not too busy, I have a Book Tag for you.Have a great week!

  5. Momma Bams says

    hmm i might need this for future hehe.. but for now I just like to enjoy my baby before she becomes a toddler.. bilis lang kasi panahon.

  6. thanks for the article

  7. nice post chris

  8. naku Chris, wait when he gets three and five.. yan naman ang age na talagang susuko.. pero around 4 years old super bait! pag two naughty lang pero hindi matigas ulo.. sa three nya naku you will have to muster all the patience you have hehe

  9. tks for sharing this chris. this might help me with my 2 years old izabela.

  10. kakanggata says

    we’ll be waiting for the tips mommy chris 🙂 im sure a lot of us moms will benefit from that. tnx in advance!

  11. talaga yatang mas madaling pagsabihan mga girls kesa sa boys. mga boys kase may pagkamakulit.

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