Art Works

I just wanted to share with you some recent art works done by my daughter. I really think she has quite a talent for a 5 year old. Or is that just mom talking? 🙂

And here are my favorites!


  1. chubskulit says

    Wow there's a lot of artists in blogland hehehe.. Good to go Kyla, magaling nga sya mommy chris!

  2. She is talented…such nice drawings…and very creative too for a 5 year old 🙂

  3. your daughter is talented. she's good in fact.

  4. Very lovely.

  5. wow, your child is talented in drawing something…still young but very creative

  6. I like her color combinations. Very nice! Congrats, Chris. Page Rank 3 na ang Mommy Journey!

  7. DanaTelecom says

    Wow, you have talented artist there. 🙂

  8. me talent na yan eheheh =) galing n sa artwork ehhehe =) expose mo p para mas gumaling =0
    re sa milestones yeah magndang topic yan, actually su suggest ko sana kaso nwala n s aisip ko ehehhe =_ ) madaming milestones na magnda like first poop if they do have pic pa heheh andmi ko pics ng first ehehhe tlgang naka antabaya ko nun kaso analog cam ko before so mahihirapan ako mahg scan ahahaha =) pero its up to you cge gwin mong topic =)

  9. I like the art # 3, yung may pens. 🙂

    ganda ng pagka color nya Mommy! 🙂

  10. kakanggata says

    im so impressed with your daigther's talent! she is good! kanino nagmana? 🙂

  11. artist in the making chris. you have to hone her skills as early.

  12. She's very talented at her very young age.Kudos!

  13. katherine says

    Hi Chris, thanks for dropping. Anyway Kyla has a talent. Follow-up and support from the family lang ang kailangan para madevelop ng husto ang talent nya.

    Add kita after visiting other friends tonight. Kain muna ako. kain tayo. ulam namin tortang talong hehehe

  14. MommaWannabe says

    Ohhh this is so sweet….you have a artist in the making:)

    Do continue to support her and encourage her:)

    Momma Wannabe
    Diva Fabulosa Fashion Blog
    Life of a Filipina Blogger
    The Pinay Blogger @ Home

  15. Hiya! I was here! 🙂 blog roll visit time! ^_^

    Nice color combination by Kyla. Those artwork are definitely keepers.

    Maricel — Momhood Moments

  16. a very impressive drawing for a five year old kid!! Kyla is talented!!

  17. Clarissa says

    She's such a creative daughter of yours,Mommy Chris!!Well done,Kyla!!^_^

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