Current Favorite Art Work

Here is a recent art project that Toby and I did. It is Little Foot from the movie Land Before Time. It is quite easy to do and he really loves playing with it! We got the idea from DLTK’s site.

You can head to All About Kids to see other crafts by kids!


  1. Sweet Serendipity says

    Cute! I love DTLK 😀

  2. Very cute! My son would love that! Galing ni Toby!!! Result din ba yan nung teaching session nyo? 🙂

  3. Mia Blog4me says

    they are awesome!

  4. galing. moment with mommy talaga. i love little foot. ^^v

  5. They’re cool!!^_^Thumbs up to Mommy Chris and Toby!!

  6. Great art work.

  7. great work of art… i use DTLK for my students also – excellent site! 🙂


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