Friday Photo Flashback # 12

Just look at that TV set behind me.. is that a classic or what?!
This is me around 4 years old 🙂

I just love looking at photos! Join in the fun…
Friday Photo Flashback


  1. you're so adorable here..
    our first tv was like that too and that's classic. galing ng nagimbento non, with cabinet na siya. ^-^

  2. Jarlin Paul says

    Great one…bringing back my old memories.

  3. So very cute.

  4. wow classic I remember my grandma's TV set and it brings back the memories.

  5. Chris, promise kamukha mo ang baby girl mo sa picture na 'yan.

    Parang madali pang maghanap ng old pictures for this meme. Pwede bang sumali, hehe

  6. Sweet Serendipity says

    So cute! And I remember those tv boxes well 😀

  7. Ang cute cute mo dito Mommy Chris!Love this photo much!:)

  8. cute!!!!

    AND, I'm pretty sure my grandparents had a TV just like that!!!!!!

  9. Kimberly says

    I remember those tv sets! You were a little cutie too!

  10. Too cute..and you are almost as big as the TV…or is it the TV is almost as big as you.

  11. My uncle tried to give me a tv set just like that recently.
    You were a cutie!

  12. wow buti k p me mga pics n ganito =_) ehehhe
    re digiscrapping: grabe k tlga mamuri ehheeh abot tenga tuloy ang ngiti ko ahahhaha =) salamat chris…sana next time sa photography nmn ako ehehhe =) i love pictures kaso gusto ko ako kinukunan ahahha =)

  13. Clarissa says

    I love this photo of yours,Mommy Chris!!^_^

  14. Momma Bams says

    wow retro.. CUte.. i remember my old folks' tv kaso nasunog na house nila…

  15. Buti kapa may picture nong bata pa ako wla tlga kasi tinupok ng apoy, nasunog kasi ung bahay namin so lahat ng old pictures naiwan..

  16. PinkNote says

    we also have the same black and white TV!^^

    OMG, i thought all the while we are the only family who've got that big TV…hehe

    usong uso siguro yan dati..^^

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