Homeschooling In The Philippines #1

Today’s guest blogger is Mandy. She has been one of my very first blogger friends. I am so glad to have met her online. She has inspired me in quite a number of ways. I have asked her to write about her new adventure, homeschooling.

Hi everyone! I’m Mandy from c’est La vie. I’m married to Allan and we have two kids, Kalila who is 10, and Khaled who is 16 months old. Chris asked me write about my homeschooling experience.
Truth be told, I have been urged to homeschool for so many years already by my mom’s friend whose grandchildren are also homeschooled. I had a lot of excuses (no time, I was in school, etc.) not to homeschool. It wasn’t until my husband and I attended a parenting seminar in church and the speaker talked about his children being homeschooled and quashed my misconceptions. We prayed about it for one year and even attended another homeschooling conference. Come enrollment time early this year, we decided (and somewhat consulted our “student” about this decision) to enroll her with a school that supervises/handles homeschooling (also affiliated with our church).

So really, I’ve only been homeschooling my daughter for only two months. But allow me to share my thoughts and experiences in homeschooling. First off, why should we homeschool? These are some of the reasons why we homeschool.

  • We want to incorporate parenting with education. What do I mean by this? We want to teach our kids not just academics but to integrate what they have learned in schooling with their everyday lives; as well as instill biblical/Christ-centered values into our lessons.

  • We want to the our child’s primary and only educators. Oftentimes, teachers in school teach our children values and ideas that are not the same as the values taught at home.

  • We want to be in control of our time. We can go on a vacation without having to worry about being absent. We can plan our own field trips. Go anywhere we like.

  • Avoid school-related stress, peer-pressure: sometimes, I’d hear my daughter say to me, “Mom, my friend says she has Spanish blood, what about me?” with her sounding as though her friend is more beautiful and she is not. I told her we have Filipino blood and that even if she doesn’t have any foreign blood running in her veins, she is still very beautiful. I found this heart breaking. I know that eventually she will have to deal with things like these in the future, but as she is still young. I’d like to protect her from preconceived ideas about beauty, race, weight, height issues.

There are also the wrong reasons to homeschool. With “wrong”, I mean that these are not reasons why we homeschool:

  • To save on tuition fee costs. Homeschooling can be cheap, yes, but on the other hand, it can become expensive, too. We homeschool because we want to, not to save on school expenses.
    Although to date, we have spent less compared to Kalila’s old school. Tuition is 50% less, but her books/teaching materials cost 300-500% more, no school bus fees. Stuff that can add up though are trips (family vacations are educational, right?), other school equipment/materials that some moms over-eagerly order online, enrollment of outside MAPE classes etc.

  • To finish a school year in half the time and accelerate your child to a higher level. It is not encouraged to do things so fast so that the child can fully grasp concepts well and learn to do things at a steady pace (not everything should be rushed).

So far, I can say that we are starting off slowly but surely. We both have a lot to learn in homeschooling. Kalila misses having lunch with her friends from school; while I struggle how to discuss the topics and make it longer and not repetitive and how to be more organized. My temper does flare up at times, but not in the way I expected it nor as often as I expected it would be. Everyday is a new learning experience for the both of us.
Homeschooling is not easy, it demands for my time. Not only do I have to teach, I also have to grade papers, requirements, and read up on lessons. I can’t get up in the morning and say, “oh, I don’t feel like teaching today” or in the middle of the school year, “I quit”; I have my student/daughter to think about, her educational needs, and her future. I am both parent and teacher–both roles you do 24/7. Teaching and parenting is a ceaseless function we do.

So how do we go about homeschooling? First off, a lot of information about homeschooling can be obtained from the internet. One can also sign up with egroups and get information directly from the homeschooling parents themselves. There are books on homeschooling (although, personally, I’ve not read one yet)–different kinds, teaching methods and such. Nowadays, it is quite easy to homeschool and get information about homeschooling.

I am still far from other homeschooling parents. My daughter and I, we have a lot to learn and I pray for the Lord’s guidance everyday, knowing that it is not me who will teach my daughter, but God using me as an instrument.


  1. Genejosh says

    nice information she presented about homeschooling..I might need this in the future …Our Adventures Together/Her and HistoryTasty Exploration

  2. Nice info and post. My son will be homeshooled too…

  3. Way to go Mommy Mandy!!I admire Moms who homeschooled their children^_^More power!!

  4. Nice post.

  5. hi chris and mandy,

    this is a very interesting topic. thank you for posting this and hope to get more updates from mandy.

  6. Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility says

    Thanks for the information. Your family is adorable! 🙂

  7. i am inspired to homeschool my daughter. been looking for sometime now how to homeschool.

    goodluck mandy!

  8. Hiya! I was here! 🙂 blog roll visit time! ^_^

    Homeschool… Something I want to try someday, but I guess being a working mom, I really wouldn't know if I can squeeze that in.

    Maricel — Momhood


  9. right now my son is in kumon. its a bit like homeschooling coz he needs to go to kumon center only twice a week but there's assigned worksheets to be done everyday. been considering fulltime homeschooling. and been wondering if its ever present here in the phils.? how do you go about it? where do you get the lessons?

    thanks for sharing Mandy!

    thanks for giving way to this mommy chris!

  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Hope the post encouraged you to homeschool your children too.

    Hi Jona! Good for you that you are considering homeschooling. With us, we got our materials through the school we are affiliated with (it's located in Pasig–The Master's Academy). My daughter took a diagnostic test and from there, they recommended which books would work. We have American materials and some Filipino books. How old is your son now? If he is just in pre-school, the set of books I can recommend would be the Sing, Spell series. That alone is good na. But if he is in gradeschool, there are a LOT of materials available, it depends on your son's level, budget, etc. 🙂 You can buy them online (AOP, Apologia, Math-U-See, etc.) or through publishers/distributors here. 🙂


  11. Jarlin Paul says

    It is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Special thanks to you Chris, for inviting me to blog about my experience. Rest assured, I will try to blog more about homeschooling in my blog. 🙂

  13. Mandy…I appreciate this article because it validated my own ideas and expectations about homeschooling, which I hope to do in over two years' time pa for my eldest…

  14. hi chris! thanks for dropping by to my blog.

    homeschooling…the #1 thing im considering of homeschooling my 4yr. old son is because most schools in our area have religion classes and i worry that my son will be confused with their teachings vs. the sunday school and our (parents) teachings. there's a montessori school here but i don't like that they have lots of subjects and activities for a preschooler minus the educ field trip which i think is the most impt. activity. we plan to continue zach in kumon for the math program after he's done with reading prog. hopefully, he's done with the reading prog within the next 2 mos. however theres a preschool where my neighbor's kid is studying. my neighbor (whos also a churchmate) said that it's a nice school coz they do not have religion subject and they have significant activities like watching plays and field trip (only). im also considering that thinking about his social needs but lately i'm also wanting to enroll him to piano or painting lesson where he could meet other kids as well…hand in hand with his reading and eventually math programs. and then maybe ill just add in our studies some science workbooks and such. yes, most probably ill homeschool him while in preschool atleast.

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