How Do You Handle Sibling Rivalry?

As a Stay At Home Mom to my 2 kids, my days at home are pretty exciting. One minute, the 2 kids are like best friends and the next, they are shouting at each other and my little boy hits his big sister. It can get really tough. They fight about toys, space or attention! I know that this is a phase that kids go through, but I like them to learn from this phase. Sometimes, I let them “fight” it out but most of the time, I step in before it gets physical. My 2 year old still doesn’t understand “sharing” so it can be quite hard. I have to be consistent and impartial in dealing with both of them. I try to cuddle my 2 year old when he is getting unreasonable and distract him. While my 5 year old, I talk with her. Give her other options.

Can you share how you handle sibling rivalry between your kids?


  1. The kids argue but never hit! I usually just tell them to stop and they stop.

  2. This is going to be a challenge, I think, for me whenever I have child #2. I was raised as an only child so I don't really know how to deal with sibling rivalry. I really hope that my children get along – I might have to come to you for advice when that time comes 🙂

    Thank you for the comment on Logan's pictures! 🙂

  3. Emily/Randomability says

    When the kids are arguing over one toy, I take the toy away for the rest of the day.

  4. Yan ang hirap sa mga anak natin habang lumalaki ang daming trouble mangyayari, pwedi pa yan sundan mommy chris hehehehe. I remember when me and my bro still young we always fight and theres one time he popped my chicken pox. Mas masaya kung labing dalawa chris hehehehehe.
    Thanks nga pala sa comments, Nagleave na ko ng message and submitted my top 10 nominees sa blog ni janette.

  5. Mommy Chris me and my sister always fight until our teen years… so was my two younger brothers… Now, it so funny to remember those days…

  6. Assure the kids that no matter what they do, you still love them, and don't criticize the other infront of the other child, this tears down their confidence in themselves.

  7. momstheword says

    It's been quite awhile since I had to deal with this. At age two, my older son usually played in his room or downstairs where the younger one couldn't get to him (we had a gate up).

    If the younger hit or tried to steal toys I too removed and distracted him. But also told him no, of course. As he got a bit older he got a timeout if he hit or took a toy.

    If he fought with toys with someone I just took the toy away for awhile so neither one got it.

  8. Momma Bams says

    it'S just a phase… di siguro talaga maiiwasan. Parang mahirap nga when you're in a situation where your kids are unstoppable.. pero kung ako siguro, when the other gets violent, papaglitan ko, not necessarily spank and raising voice, then talk afterwards to kiss and make up.. pero i dont know, we'll cross the bridge when we get there hehe

  9. Mikes Sumondong says

    Make them realize that they're each other's keepers. when one hurts, the other one will hurt as well. when one is happy, surely the other one is happy as well!

  10. Sibling rivalry is normal, I guess.Compromise is not that easy lalo na sa two year old son mo.My youngest is five but until now there are times na she's too selfish lalo na pag attention ang pinag uusapan.I feel bless because Kei is really a nice Ate and napaka haba ng pasensya nya but I feel bad sometimes kasi na-aawa ako sa kanya, that's why I make sure that we have our times together we hangout kahit sa coffee shop or bookstore yung kaming dalawa lang!!!Naku humaba ang explanation ko..
    Have a lovely day=)

  11. aw. u are doing just right, kyla can understand while toby yet at the moment.. so its right to talk to her.. 🙂 she will be really an ate at that..

  12. Sweet blessings to you.

  13. Wala pa ako sa stage na to, pero I sure do wanna know how to handle this situation.

  14. onlinemommy says

    This is really tough. And usually, the way parents handle this situation will leave some impressions to their children. Some children started their rebellion at this stage because they see their parents impartially.

    Just like what you usually do, bring it to the Lord. Seek for Godly wisdom to make sure that you are on the right track in dealing with this situation.

    God Bless.

    btw, I am grabbing your badge now. Thanks for your patience.

  15. BIO: Being Inward Outward says

    i understand that there are a lot of factors in the mix such as the ages and needs of a sibling squabble, but there's nothing like a verbal and sincere assurance from the parent to put the kids in their place because it's done with a heart.

  16. i have two kids too, and its really hard to handle sibling rivalry. good talk always works.

  17. Clarissa says

    Sibling rivalry is tough–napagdaanan na rin yan ng kids ko but they have changed eventually and sure your kids will,too.I usually tell them to stop when arguing on something and why they have to stop arguing.Mas tough when it comes to attention–ang ate kasi mapag-bigay at mahaba ang pasencya kaya when it comes on attention,I see to it na una muna ang panganay ko lalo na after school.Nagtatanong kasi si Wakaba kung ano ang ginawa namin ni Haruka while she's at school at kahit hindi cya magtanong,you can feel it in her na para bang she missed something at ayokong iparamdam sa kanya ang ganun.That's why meron akong time na kaming dalawa lang and so is with her Dad.

  18. farmlanebooks says

    My problem is that I often can't tell if it is siibling rivalry or just playing. My 2 boys (nearly 2 and nearly 4) are always chasing each other, jumping on each other or rolling on the floor. Half the time they are giggling away, but you know it is going to end in tears. I never know where to draw the line with this physical play.

  19. it's pretty normal for kids at that age or even will worsen when they reach their puberty stage. It's another milestone for such age. they know differences from each other and learn to fight for themselves. Sometimes, we have to make some activities for them to connect with each other.

    I have to be prepared to mommy Chris with my kids. Now, Iza still jealous at times but I tried to make her understand that her younger brother is still dependent on mama. and as much, spending time for her while baby is asleep.

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