I Want Birkenstock Shoes!

I don’t usually buy shoes. As you can see, I am not a very fashionable lady. I’m not wired to be one. Whenever I buy a dress or pair of shoes, I buy it out of necessity. My criterion is not fashion but more of comfort and how long the commodity would last. Taking care of a toddler and a preschooler, my shoes is usually beat up whenever we go out.
That is why whenever I see products which combine features of beauty and comfort, I usually go for that.

Beautifeel Shoes showcase just that! This is the reason why they are a leader in fashion wear in many countries. They offer a wide selection of shoes and sandals. I personally would go for the sandals since being a stay at home mom, my outfits are usually casual.

Aside from this brand, I also like several other brands which provide quality shoes. Birkenstock Shoes is quite famous for its clog, sandals, walking and casual shoes. They have been producing quality footwear for several years already. It is comfortable and durable. It is really suitable for my lifestyle of endless walking and chasing the kids.

Most probably, these shoes would be included in my list of things to buy once I save enough!


  1. After I saw the link, wow that's nice and comfortable pair of shoes.Like it!!!

  2. I love those shoes.

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