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Hello to all mommy moments participants! I can’t believe it but its Friday once again. Time really passes by so fast, don’t you think so? Today’s theme is FIRST STEPS. For parents (since we have a daddy blogger joining us) with small kids, we can post about our kid’s literal first steps… while for those parents with bigger kids, you can post about other “firsts” or milestones.

I am pretty excited to see everyone’s post… so let’s get started!

Kyla started walking by herself before she turned one. This picture was her first walk without any assistance! She used the bed to cruise around the room! We didn’t use any walkers with her. She just learned to walk with assistance from mommy.

My little boy was another story. Someone lent us their walker so Toby was able to use walker at around 9 months.

The next picture was taken a few days after he turned one. He can already walk by himself and yes, he walks fast! (thus the blurry picture)

Amazing memories! It seems only yesterday when they can barely walk without assistance, now I am the one running after them!

How about you? Share your stories with us here at mommy moments! If you are a dad, yes, you can join in too!

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  1. Michelle says

    Not quit Friday here yet. I wish it was. Gosh, your kids are soooo… cute. It's so exciting when they start to walk. I remember thinking it was so amazing watching our little one. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Have a great weekend Chris.


  2. nel's bebi says

    i know! time flies soooo freakin' fast! but it's ok, this is what i look forward to every thursday (well, thursdays for me).

    ang hirap nga kunan ng pictures pag ang likot likot! umoonti na nga ang pics ni joel na maayos compared noong mas bata sya when she just stays still. hahaha

    i love the topic for this week coz our lil joel is getting there. so my mommy moments entry is about the progression on her "steps". pretty soon running after her na rin kami kagaya nyo. so nakakapagod ba maghabol mommy chris?

    — ela joel's first steps

  3. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    love the photos! I really find it very amusing and cute when babies started walking and very excited about it!

    mine is up too!

  4. Momma Bams says

    wow ang cute talaga nila.. bebing-baby pa sila nun, ang bilis nga no.. babe ko hindi pa sya nakakalakad =( pero malapit na… happy friday

  5. She is such a cutie.

  6. JesuLalaine says

    Yes.. our kids really grow up soo fast! I also had lots of memories while posting the photos for my son's 'firsts'.

    This meme is really fun! Thanks!

  7. Ang bilis talaga ng araw, Friday ulit. And for the first time, maaga ang post ko ngayon. 😀

    when my son was still a baby gusto ko maglakad na sya, kaso nung nag umpisa ng maglakad, ayaw naman tumigil. Tulad ng sinabi mo,I am running after him coz he's so malikot kung saan saan pumupunta. Minsan nga may nagsabi sa akin, ang likot ng anak mo, buti hindi ka pumapayat kakahabol? hehe

  8. Grabe! Nakakatuwa to see Kyla's picture. She's so cute! Ang bilis nga ng panahon! Medyo nahirapan ako isipin when ang first step buti na lang tumugma kahit paano ang entry ko. 😀

    Mia rin didn't have her own walker. Nanghiram lang with the neighbor for one day but look at them now. Kahingal habulin! 🙂

  9. Genejosh says

    Wow how cute..I can't wait seeing my son walking few days, weeks or months from now!

    Hyzyd's "Firsts"

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History
    Tasty Exploration

  10. i missed those times when my children were babies, toddlers.. sigh. time flies so fast.. you're an amazing mom to capture every milestones of your kids!

  11. kind of unusual for me tonight. it's thursday here, 22.47 on my computer clock, but since i'm ready with my MM post then i'm going linky.

    Kyla and Toby are happy kids. I love their smiles. Happy Friday, Mommies! and Daddies too.

  12. Ang cute ni Kyla! Maaga pala naglakad si Toby. Si Khalil kasi since heavy pa siya noon kaya he can't walk by himself may alalay pa siya. Ang bilis maglakad ni Toby! 😀

    Pasodo entry ko, yipee! Thanks, Chris! 😀

  13. parang kelan lang noh and we we're so excited about the first steps!!

    your kids are soo adorable Mommy Chris! thank you so much for the visit!

  14. they are so adorable….those are great memos….thanks for sharing mami Chris…:)

  15. onlinemommy says

    Good that you was able to capture this milestone 🙂

    Excited si toby sa new skill kaya mabilis lumakad 😀

  16. Clarissa says

    Walang magulang na hinde excited sa milestones ng kanilang kids!!Ang sarap maging magulang!!\(^0Thanks for sharing those amazing photos of your children,Mommy Chris!!
    here's mine:

  17. wow, super well documented ang milestones ng kids mo. very nice photos.

  18. very cute pix of your kids, chris thanks for sharing one of their milestones :-).

    mine is up now

  19. Oh well its Friday ang bilis ng panahon…
    Ang cute nila and nakaka tuwang balikan ang first steps ng mga kids natin. I remember every steps they had nung toddler days nila, grabe ako mag clap, sabi ko nga every steps ako ang pinaka happy na mommy!!Ngayon ang baby ko nag camping and na sad ako kasi na miss ko si Rio bigla…
    Have a blessed weekend Chris,God bless:))

  20. Hi Mommy chris, heheheh ang sarap balik balikan when the kids were still young bumabata din tayo when we thing of the past lol… thats my entry thanks a lot

  21. Hay…time sure fly so fast…and this is one of the things I don't have, a picture of Franky's first attempt to walk or even in a walker. Anyway, I'm all for sharing a video 😀

  22. medyo nakakapagod maghabol noh at least that's my experience with my little girl lalo na kung wala sa bahay at kung saan saan gusto pumunta pero nakakatuwa naman panoorin maglakad or tumakbo/maglakad ng mabilis 🙂

    seeing every "firsts" / milestones of our babies is really exciting!


  23. cute naman ng mga pics ng mga kiddie mo? in six months time 'yung 2nd baby ko naman ang mag-first step. he

  24. aw..super cute..pass muna ako kasi tinatamad ako mag scan eh…?

  25. chubskulit says

    Oh wow, very eager si toby maglakad hehehe.. my entry is up now too mommy chris!

  26. Me too, I can't believe it's Friday once again. I love looking at pictures of babies learning how to walk. Kyla and Toby are both adorable in these pictures. Have a happy weekend!

  27. cute ng mga babies mo Mommy Chris, yes time flies so fast, di natin namalayan malaki na sila, having their own life too.

  28. i love MM.. this week's theme is cool

  29. Beyond Motherhood says

    Soooo cute. Those were the precious moments that we can never turn back. Happy weekend 🙂

  30. ha ha cute nman nila di ako its fun to see our kids their fist steps can't see my nicole pictures ha ha nacra kc yung pc ko kaya nawala

  31. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon no Mommy Chris,sila na ngayon ang hinahabol natin:)
    here's mine…

    Happy weekend!Hugs!

  32. hi mommy chris! kyla is so cute…and ur little boy too..

    anyway, my entry's here:

    good night!

  33. ang cute naman ni kyla on her yellow dress 🙂

    si toby labas pa dila hehe…

    mine's up too! thanks.

  34. Your two bulilit chris are so cute, thanks fro sharing their lovely photos. I love their eyes, chinky chinky hehehe.

  35. Sweet Serendipity says

    Precious photos! And what bittersweet memories 😀

  36. You're lucky you're able to capture your kids' first steps. I can't say the same for myself. It's good I still remember how and when my son started walking.

  37. hi cris…habol lng ako hihihi dmi mo n prticipnts…congrats sa meme mo! nice idea tlga!

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