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The pictures of Toby says it all! Look at that cute messy face! Whenever he eats, he is not so conscious how dirty he gets! Truly a male! 😀

Here is a rare moment. Kyla usually doesn’t like to get her hands or face messy at all. This was taken last year. I captured Kyla dipping her hands on catsup then dipping it on water and tasting it! She enjoyed it too…

You can also post about the room of your kids, your house or anything which looks like a mess as a result of your kids!

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  1. hehehe kaaliw si Toby. I can already picture how my Asher will look like when he'll be 2 yrs old. Si hubby super amazed din how they look alike.

  2. very well captured mommy chris.

  3. Genejosh says

    nice shot yong kay Kyla..very cute..Kahit messy cute pa rin si Toby..Mine's up already..Gud night…he..he…

  4. hahaha…messy kids can really be cute!!!

  5. ang cute ni Toby sa 2nd photo.. haha

  6. nel's bebi says

    naku punung-puno ang bibig ni Toby o! hahaha.
    si kayla nakakatuwa girl na girl, demure na demure 🙂

    — ela joel, the great mess-maker

  7. this is fun…will surely share mine Mami Chris…thanks for sharing….:)

  8. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    they had so much fun!

    mine is up as well mommy click here


  9. Aww, your kids are so cute!!!!

  10. Upstatemomof3 says

    How cute!! I love messy faces. Big Sister is always a big mess when she eats. But I sort of took liberty with the post. 🙂

  11. Fresh Mommy says

    Aww, too cute!! Sometimes the most fun moments are the messiest!!


  12. i like the 2nd pic of Toby… ang cuuuute!

  13. i like the second picture of toby. so cute! 🙂

  14. adorable pics! my son loves watermelon too!

    entry is here

    thank you so much for the visit!

  15. Evan's Mom says

    A lot of mess here. Mine's up too 🙂

  16. i like the second photo.. 🙂 so cute..
    my entry is up now.. 🙂

  17. chubskulit says

    Hahahaha I love kayla's joyful moment! My entry is up now too..

  18. mommy rossel says

    Akala ko maaga na ako iyon pala ang dami ng nauna kase 12 midnight pa sila nagpost. lol!

    you have beautiful kids, cris. cute pa rin sila kahit messy.

  19. 'looks like a mess as a result of your kids' that's funny!

    Happy Friday, Happy Mommy Moments, Mommies!

  20. Hahahaha, kids do the yuckiest things! pero for us, it's super cute! I also let my kids explore and let their imagination run wild just like what you did with Kyla. Khit messy pa, as long as na-fe-feed ung imagination niya, ok lang! I learned kasi from a parenting seminar na tayo lang naman daw minsan mga parents ang nagli-limit sa kids natin ng imagination nila. Dhil me mga parents takot magkasakit kids kaya ayaw pahawakin ng soil, etc or mejo ayaw maglinis ng mess left by their kids kaya they prohibit the kids from playing and scattering their toys. Nalilimit tuloy ung creativity ng mga bata.

    Napahaba! Hinabol ko lang to kasi I promised you last Friday that I'll join this week, di ba? Ska I've got to bring Sunday to the doctor today. Sobrang cough and fever. Got to go and happy Friday to us! 🙂

    PS: later, visit ko lahat ng MMers!

  21. So cute like the last picture.LOve the way Kyla's smile so cute =)
    Happy weekend!

  22. I love the pics! Yum, I like Ketchup too!

  23. a boy's mom says

    haha, love toby's photos, esp the second one..i dream of the day miguel would eat like that!

    here's my entry 🙂

  24. I agree Chris, boys like to get dirty and messy especially with food. ; )I had fun doing today's theme. ; )

  25. Momma Bams says

    well kids always love to explore… ang cute nila especially toby with his fulled mouth.. Kyla din pretty and girly in her natural smile.

  26. I love toby's pic…

  27. JesuLalaine says

    i love the 2nd pics.. as you've said's so cute and messy! haha!

    Lalaine's World
    From Asia and Beyond
    Day to Day Miracles
    Trying to be Fit
    Not a Shopaholic

  28. cute pa rin kahit messy!! prang and anak ko ata ang pinaka madusing dito hahahah heheeh

  29. Mukhang sarap na sarap si Toby sa kinakain niya.

  30. Kyla and Toby are so cute in these pictures. Pero opposites sila, no, the little boy doesn't mind getting dirty when he eats, but your little girl wants to be clean all the time.

  31. nice photos of toby and kyla mommy chris.. pag maliit pa talaga, messy pag kumakain. but they look so cute because they are trying their best to eat on their own, right?

  32. Toby is still cute despite the dirt. Kyla is having fun. 😀

  33. Such cute pics, love them.

  34. i like both toby's pics. hes more chinito there.

    my iza oves to eat ketchup with water too like kyla mo chris:-D

  35. Cute pa rin 'though they're doing messy things..well they're just kids anyway:)
    mine's here…

  36. onlinemommy says

    It's really cute when the kids are the one doing the mess in their faces, pero kadiri na pag tayo na ung messy kumain 😀

    Mine is up na. Pero baka delayed n ako maka visit sa ibang entries 🙁 sira ang machine ko. But will visit them as soon as maayos na pc ko.

    Happy Weekend!

  37. Hi Chris! It's been awhile. But I made it to mommy moment this week. 🙂

  38. Like the pics of your son chris wala talaga siyang paki sa food sa bibig nya, you're right lalaki talaga lol. Kahit messy na still a cutie mga anak mo. Happy weekend!

  39. They're cute even when doing some messy stuffs!!^_^here's mine:

    Hello there,Mommy Chris!!Thanks for dropping by and for your words of comfort–really appreciated them!!I'm ok now!^_^

    Happy Mommy Moments to all MM participants and have a great week!!^_^

  40. Hi Mommy, I was late to post my entry for Mommy Moments but I hope it would still thanks, btw ang ganda ng mga babies mo ang clear pa ng pictures mind if I ask what type of Camera you are using.

  41. How nice! I like toby's second and kyla's first photo. They're so adorable.

  42. eew. hahaha! ganyan talaga. gusto nila i-explore lahat. pag sinabi mong NO! lalong gagawin pa, hehehe.

  43. the messier, the marier..akal ko hinid ako makakakita ng entry for this theme.. mabuti na lang may ice cream party sila last week.. I already posted some of Chico's mess eh.. baka naman magmukhang Chico Moments ang MM ko pag puro sya..

    Thanks for visiting my mess 🙂
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