Motivation for Moms – Proud of Them

This is a re-post… I think this is a timely reminder for all of us moms today!

Never forget to tell your children you’re proud of them. Don’t assume that they already know how you feel.

This is such a great reminder to us mommies. Often, we do things for our kids. Care for them and provide for all their needs. Even going beyond our means at times. We do this so we can give them the best and all their needs – because we love them. But at times, we forget to verbally tell them that we love them.

The children needs to hear it from us. We need to be vocal about certain things especially how much we love them. If our kids would know that we are proud of them and that we love them, it can help boost their confidence as they grow up and they would grow up knowing how to express themselves too. They would grow up secure and won’t have to go around looking for “love” from other people.


  1. Great reminder, and very true. Three little words can mean so much!!

  2. i totally agree! giving love is so much differnt from spoken one. kids also need to hear us say those 3 words so they would know they’re truly loved. tnx for this post, i am reminded well 🙂

  3. Thanks for the reminder! We tell often, but daily would be a good thing! I grabbed your button. :o)


  4. chubskulit says

    Hello there Chris ! We got back since Sunday but wasn't able to visit blogs till now. They got sick (diarrhea) except me. We actually brought our son to the hospital today because he is fevered (still is till now.).

    I would like to thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging words you said and left at my blogs. For the sympathy and prayers, and for those who shared their blessings to the family! May God bless you all for your compassionate hearts!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a lovely blog. . . I will be coming back to read after I have my coffee! 🙂

  6. onlinemommy says

    This is true mommy. I grew up in a family where "I love you" was never uttered nor heard. I never heard it from parents maybe because they never heard it as well from my grandparents. I want to break this curse (hahaha) so our little princess in the house is showered with "I love you" from time to time. Kahit na gaano sya kakulit! Nyahahaha…

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