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When hubby and I got married 8 years ago, we first lived in a rented apartment. It was our dream to be able to buy and build our own house. But when we got pregnant with our first child, that dream had to wait. We moved in with my parents because my first trimester was really difficult. Then when we gave birth, we moved in with my in-laws since they had bigger space to accommodate us. We stayed with them for a year. God gave us a blessing as we were able to find a house and lot here in Sta Rosa that was quite affordable and suited our family. The bank also approved our loan. So we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on our own house already.

The house we got is not a brand new house. It was already previously owned and had no major improvements. Unlike the Phoenix New Homes I saw on the web which are semi-custom built, we had major repairs to be done. We also changed the tiles on the ground floor and the bathrooms. It was a lot of work and extra expense!

Now, we have been living here for 4 years now, and there are still improvements that need to be done. But thanks to God, we are living in the comforts of our place. Nothing beats starting a family with your own home.


  1. Yes, it gives pleasure to own a home…

  2. Home sweet home.

  3. u bet mommy chris. kami, we just moved in 3months ago. masaya na nakakapagod kasi daming improvements n kelangang gawin. super higpit n nga ng sinturon namin ngayon ni daddy. pero ok lang. at least we're seeing something from what we're working on..

    bsta, iba talaga pag sarili mong bahay. 🙂

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