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When I was pregnant, I have read in several books and websites that aside from talking with your baby, it is advisable to let your babies listen to classical music. It stimulates them and allows them to grow up more intelligent. I was not able to follow this advice since I don’t have classical music at that time. Now, I am quite surprised to find Advanced Brain Technologies is actually offering different products which support that theory.

Advanced Brain Technologies develops interactive software and music based programs which aim to improve memory, attention and brain performance. They have produced The Listening Program. It is for speech language music therapy. As it can be listened to anywhere and anytime of the day, it has become quite easy to squeeze into one’s daily schedule. The providers of this software will assign individual listening plans based on the first interview. Usually, the listeners just need to listen once or twice a day for 15 minutes each session, five times a week. The listeners are monitored; the listening plans can be easily adjusted to suit further needs of the listeners. Furthermore, The Listening Program is available in iPods, in CD kits and headphones.

Different testimonies have claimed that this not only enhances one’s brain performance, it also boosts one’s confidence and improve one’s musical ability. Truly an interesting product worth checking out.


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