Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are really valuable. When we got married, we had limited budget so we just took what looked the best for us within our budget. I am hoping though that by our 10th wedding anniversary, I can save enough so I can buy us a new pair, maybe through Tungsten Wedding Rings.


  1. Michelle says

    I hope you get that new wedding ring. How fun. I've been wanting a new one too. I really like the silver look. Mine is gold which we purchased back in 1997 when we got engaged. Gold was the thing to buy back then. Guess I'm showing my age. LOL!

  2. 'm hoping the same way like Ms.Michelle.Advance happy Wedding Anniversary!

  3. We are going to get new rings on our 25th wedding anniversary in April.

  4. Nanaybelen says

    Hi .I wish to have new wedding ring too.

  5. Hello. just came to give you some smiles

  6. I am actually surprised that metals like titanium and tungsten are in such high demand. Neither tungsten nor titanium can be sized, so don’t gain or lose any weight! Then again, the styling of wedding bands created with these metals tends to be much different than more traditional designs created in platinum, palladium or gold.

    If you are looking for additional alternative metals for wedding bands, ceramic and stainless steel are also options. If interested, you can see some here –

    Also, here’s a guide to help you choose the right metal for your engagement ring, wedding band or wedding ring –

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