WFW: Psalm 100

Whenever we pray, instead of thinking of our concerns and our petitions, why don’t we enter with thanksgiving for who God is in our lives.
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  1. Good one, Chris.

  2. completely agree

  3. amazing grace says

    Just asking if WFW has mrlinky.. God bless chris..

  4. Great scripture.

  5. momstheword says

    Beautiful verses and thought. To pray with thanksgiving and a grateful heart!

    BTW, that was me that sent you a friend request on facebook. I totally forgot to send a message saying it was me. I don't like putting my name on my blog so that's why you didn't know who it was.

    I tried to respond to your confirmation but I don't know if it worked or not.

    If it didn't let me know and i'll try again.

  6. This is so true Chris. Instead of asking anything to God we should shower Him with thanksgiving. sometimes we miss doing that when praying.

  7. wonderful message:))

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