Avatar the Last Airbender Leads to Intriguing Adventure Games

If you are anything like me, you have grown to love the Avatar series for its intriguing storyline, complex character development, artistic style, and humorous interjection. The creators of this cartoon have broken numerous barriers by merging eastern art styles and fighting techniques with western philosophies and storytelling styles. As with any show that becomes popular, it has caused a number of video game spin-offs, some good, and some bad.

Thankfully, a number of the quality games are found free at Nick.com, and they offer a wide range of enjoyment for kids of all ages. Much as one would expect, there are a number of adventure games featuring Aang, Katara, and Toph. The games tend to start rather easy (perfect for children), but advanced levels can become challenging, leading to hours of fun and distraction.

There are currently two multiplayer games featuring the four nations of fire, water, earth, and air. The point of these games is to destroy your opponent’s fortress using catapults and nature bending. Aiming and firing seem simple at first, but when adding in the need to stock up energy, hit the floating coins, and balance healing with attacks, you cannot help thinking in terms of strategy and tactical advantage.

Interestingly enough, there are even demos for two purchasable games, each allowing the player to view different storylines from the original show. The Path of Zuko allows players to control Prince Zuko through hundreds of missions while attempting to regain the honor he lost to his father. Bobble Battles puts the control of the water, earth, and even fire armies into the hands of the player, giving them complete control over how each of the major battles could have proceeded.

For those who think that everything Avatar is violent, there is a “green” game that uses a seed planting system to destroy smog. This is one of many intense strategy games located on Nick.com, but it is far from the most difficult. Even though these games were created with children in mind, any fan of the Avatar series will get a kick out of playing as their favorite air bender, and might just find a challenge along the way.


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    My husband also watched the Avatar series.You are right, the storyline is intriguing.

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  5. I haven’t seen an episode of Avatar but I have heard na it’s addicting nga daw.. pero in fairness addicting talaga ang mga cartoons turned into game..I can’t wait for your entry 🙂Make or Break

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