I’ve Been Busy…

I have mentioned in one of my previous blogs that our helper has gone back to the province. Since then, my schedule has really been full, so that is the reason why you don’t see much of me visiting you blogs or leaving as much comments as I used to.

I am learning to adjust my schedule and surprisingly, I am having fun doing the house chores. Though it gets tiring, it makes me feel that I am truly in control of the household. We can budget the usage of the household products, electricity, food and everything else. Aside from that, I stepped out of my comfort zone, finally started preparing food and cooking for my family too.

Yesterday, my daughter Kyla said “Mommy masarap ka na yata magluto ngayon ah! (Mommy, you cook well now!)” I prepared banana-Q, fried tilapia and chinese kikiam. I was so happy to hear that from my daughter. She is really picky when it comes to food. Today, we had Beef Nilaga. She loved it too.

My journey as a mommy has expanded some more… and I am glad that God allows these kind of circumstances in our life so we can grow.


  1. Glad God is growing you sweetie.

  2. first stop: Mommy Journey,then Inspirational INsights.. what's next? Kusina Journey? LOl

    I am gald you're having doing household chores, ganun naman talaga sanayan lang, bakc then when I don't have a helper and I blog and earn people are really amazed how I can do it.. sanayan lang talaga

    Make or Break

  3. chubskulit says

    Oh wow, glad that you get to spend so much time at home. By the way, do you work Mommy Chris?

    Ang sarap ng feeling pag pinipraise ka ng mga mahal mo sa buhay diba..

  4. That's a healthy outlook. We do get tired, especially if do it those same tasks everyday. But it makes us a better person, our children will be more appreciative and the bonding will be tighter. Way to go Chris!

  5. I agree w/ Mareng Pehpot Mommy Chris.Sanayan lang,sa umpisa ka lang naman mahihirapan,then masasanay ka rin w/o even noticing it nag-eenjoy ka na pala doing those house chores & attending their needs.And it's really feels good pag ikaw talaga ang nagpe-prepare ng food para sa kanila.Iba pa rin ang pag-aalaga ng nanay ika nga:D Kung nakaya namin dito sa Japan doing everything from the house,to work & attending school meetings & events all alone by ourselves,I'm very very sure na makakaya mo rin.Ang sarap ng feeling 'though you're exhausted the whole day after those tiring work from office to work then mending your kids,parang mission accomplish when before you go to bed.Keep it up Mommy Chris!Kaya mo yan!:D Hugs!

  6. Btw,I'll be back here later Mommy Chris ,to read the other posts & 'm going to visit pa your Inspirational Insights.Na miss ko rin ang Inspirational Insights mo eh 😀 I have to pick up my youngest from her piano lesson.I'll be back here tonight.After I'm done doing things out here.BRB:D

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