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Today’s theme is about your kids with their favorite aunts, uncles, cousins or godparents.

Toby loves to be beside his uncle Joey (my brother).
Joey is his godparent too.

Kyla has a special bond with Aunt Suzette (my sister).
Kyla loves spending time with her.
She is her godparent too.

Toby playing with his Tito Boris (my sister-in-law’s hubby).

Picture with their only cousin as of the moment. Mikee.

I am thankful that my siblings and in-laws love the kids. I want the kids to grow up knowing they have other adults who love them and that they can rely on.

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  1. Willa @ SmartMommy says

    my post is up, but the Mclinky is not available yet!

  2. your babies are so sweet 🙂

  3. Aren't we glad we have members of the family who get along well with our kids? Nice Mommy Moments shots you have. 🙂

    Mine is up, too, but the McLinky is no working?

  4. Ang cute ni Toby. 🙂 And surely they are blessed with wonderful family members.

    Mommy, ala pa si McLinky.

  5. Those are lovely moments of Toby and Kyla with dear people who love them. Mine is up too, tried the linky but guess this will do for now. It's a quarter past 2 AM in Bangkok. Gotta go grab some sleep and will visit your entries in a few hours.

  6. it's nice to have families around…

    my post is up but mclinky is not available.
    mommymoments – part of the family

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  7. Good thing the Filipinos have very strong family ties, I cant imagine my children not being close to their aunts and uncles.

  8. Toby and his uncle looks like father and son together.. magkamukha sila dalawa.

    happy mommy moments!

  9. Nice to know that the kids have nice relationships with the people who loves them!!Mine's up too but Elmo is part of the family,too!!^_^

  10. good to know na close sila sa mga uncles and aunts and cousins nila. 🙂

    I didn't join today, Chris kasi ngayon ko lang napansin wala pala kmi masyado pics with their cousins and aunts. 🙁

  11. Family is very special.

  12. i dont know if i link went through 🙂 heheh

    you have a wonderful family chris! god bless u!

    mine is up at yena's blog..

  13. chubskulit says

    The first pic, Toby and your brother looks like Father and Son hehehe..

    here's my entry

  14. Hi Mom Chris…. Its good to be close with people who are part of the family…. Kids need them and we need them to for support and extra love….

  15. onlinemommy says

    This is sweet! Like the first pix, uncle and nephew with the same hairstyle(?) 😀

  16. Momma Bams says

    Lovely pics.. the closeness and love is very much obvious. Medyo look-alike yata si Tobby and his Uncle Joey?

    sana maihabol ko today yung entry ko..
    Can't wait for my baby to meet her huge number of relatives in Pinas.. Im sure mas masaya.

  17. So cute!! Your kids are so blessed to live near family members. Maganda kasi yung may 2nd Mom and Dad figure sila, they have someone to go to aside from the parents. And you know what? Magkamukha kayo ng sissy mo Ate Chris.

    Happy Friday! May God bless your weekend!

  18. sweet_shelo says

    So happy that we have part of the family who love our kids like we do.. Happy Mommy Moments!!!

  19. thanks for sharing these nice pictures of you family and friends 🙂

  20. My entry is up! Have a great week to all of you!


  21. Your brother and Toby looks alike ; )

  22. mine is up! tnx for this meme mommy chris 🙂

  23. Finally, was able to join again. Hi Mommy Chris..those pictures are so cute. Do you have Chinese blood or what? Singkit kasi mga kids.

  24. Mom of Four says

    Hi Chris, I love looking at all these MOmmy MOments pictures. I am so glad I joined. Yehey!
    I am so new to Mclinky but I successfully made it. Thanks a lot.

    Your kids are adorable, all our kids are, don't you think?

  25. Hope im not too late this week.

    Mine's up.

    Happy Moments Mommy Chris!

  26. Kahawig nga ni Toby ang brother mo, sa hairstyle at sa chinito eyes din 🙂

  27. wala pang godparents si Hyzyd…he..he..we informally dedicated him when he's a week old ..maybe pag-uwi namin doon na sya magkaninong tsaka ninang..he..he..

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  28. nel's bebi says

    di ako nakasali this week kasi wala yata kaming matinong mga pictures with godparents (and we're hundreds and thousands of miles away from our relatives :()

    happy mommy moments to all!

  29. Nakakmis talaga bondingsa atin, yan ang maganda pag nandiyan lang sa atin angdaming mga kapamilya who always there for us. Thanks for sharing this chris.

  30. It's good that the kids are growing up with people who love them as their own. I'm so late with my posting:

  31. weww. ang bait ng mga aunts and uncles no.. mabuti na lang we have this kind bonding with our sissies 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my MM entry 🙂

    Make or Break

  32. It's good to know that they were loved aside from their parents.
    I missed this event Mommy Chris.I'll be home on the 15th.

  33. Chris, hahabol ako ha will post in a while. thanks 🙂

  34. titos and titas are really like second parents to kids.

    my entry's about the newest member of the family.

  35. sweetytots says

    wow! dami na pala kasali sa mommy moments.. tagal ko na tlga wala..

  36. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    I missed last week's MM, just came home from our vacation! Looking forward this coming Friday!!!

  37. adorable kids 🙂

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