Monday Movie Meme – Reunions

This week’s monday movie meme is about reunions…

My list includes:
Finding Nemo (my kids love this movie… who wouldn’t like Nemo and Marlin?)
Homeward Bound (i loved this… i am a dog lover!)
The Parent Trap ( i watched this and i cant forget it.. I used to like Lindsay Lohan)
Ransom (imagine what a parent goes through when your son is kidnapped!)
Saving Private Ryan ( i also liked this movie… the risks they took just to bring home Private Ryan safely)

For more great movies, check out The Bumbles Blog.


  1. Emily/Randomability says

    Try the original Parent Trap with Haley Mills. That's the one that I know and love!

  2. My kids love Nemo & Marlin too!:)Happy Monday Mommy Chris!:D

  3. I like all of those movies.

  4. i have seen Ransom in cable… I need to own a copy of it…. Love saving private ryan too!

  5. I liked both version of parent trap! Finding Nemo is my favorite… Haven't seen "Homeward Bound" and "Ransom" 2 more movies for me to watch! 🙂

  6. Great choices! I need to watch Ransom again; haven't seen that movie in years.

  7. great choices–didn't think of Ransom. my Monday movie

  8. The Bumbles says

    Ransom – I was trying to think of that one when creating our post but it just wouldn't come to me! Thank you for selecting it. Fits the topic well.

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