Motherhood from Another Perspective #4

My guest blogger today is Salen. To most of you, you know her as the author of Sassy Mom’s Corner. I truly enjoy her posts so I decided to invite her to be my guest today.

Enjoying Motherhood

Hi, I’m Salen. First off, I would like to thank Chris for giving me the opportunity to be a guest blogger. I am thrilled to share with you some parenting tips I have gathered from friends, research and of course, mostly from my personal experience.

I am blessed to be a mother to two wonderful children – a girl and a boy. I would have wanted to have more but after 3 miscarriages, I believe that the Lord is sending me a message to focus all my attention to these two beautiful creatures. My eldest daughter is now 14 years old and my son is already ten.

Being a mother is an arduous undertaking but is a very fulfilling and noble one. I, for one was brought up to a career person, however giving birth to a child certainly changes a woman’s perspective. More than once, I have chosen my family over my career and for the last time early this year, I told myself I’m done choosing – – I am now a stay-at-home mom, trying to earn from home.

One of the most important lessons I have gained through the years of being a mom is to “enjoy motherhood”. How do we as moms do that, I have come up with 5 tips.

  • Enjoy your kids. – You can not enjoy motherhood without enjoying your kids. Take pleasure in snuggling and cuddling your children. Remember the time you can do that to them is very limited. I know that for a fact since I am now raising a teenager. Although my daughter and I still bond together but it’s different when they are toddlers and you can just smell their armpits, be cozy with them and kiss them everywhere and anytime you want.
  • Weekends are for the family. – This is one of the reasons why I had to give up my corporate life. We all know for a fact that times are really hard nowadays and my hubby has taken upon himself to get a weekend job, only during Saturdays. With this in mind, knowing the rigors of my corporate schedule, I had to quit. I believe that one parent should be there for my children. Our children require enormous amounts of love, understanding, nurturing and guidance. No amount of money can replace that.
  • Involve yourself in your child’s life. Be it in school or after school activities, make certain that you take time to be there for them. This will enable you to see your children’s progress and stay attuned to whatever difficulty or special needs they require. Being there for your children increases their sense of security making them more assure of your love and will turn boost their self-confidence.
  • Take time out to know your children. – We know that although our children all came from one tree, they are very different from one another. Their needs are very unique. One discipline strategy may work for one but may not necessarily work for the. I do these by dating my kids individually. Some parents I know with a lot of kids, try to do it in batches to be more practical.
  • Have a “Me” Day – or a day to pamper yourself. It can be a day out with friends, a day in the spa, or just a couple of hours to be by yourself. During one weekend, you can ask your hubby to take the children with him so you can have the time off. I did this with hubby and he truly enjoyed the bonding time. If you cannot afford the time to be out of your house, a few hours by alone before everyone wakes up is enough to recharge you everyday. Trust me you need this for sanity’s sake, even just a few minutes everyday. You cannot enjoy your being a parent if you’re always grumpy and irritated, and your children can definitely feel the heat.

Raising happy and healthy children can be a real challenge especially nowadays, where everything is fast-paced. We tend to neglect that our children need a lot of love and attention. That’s why whether you are working or a stay-at-home mom, at the end of the day, give the best to your family not what’s left of you.


  1. She is a devoted mom. I learned something from you today. I wish to put all those helpful tips into practice especially the one that encourages mom to know our kids better and prioritize their needs. I'm kind of slack in that department. Thanks for sharing, Mommy Salen.

  2. I adore SassyMom so much…I like her tips and advices. As a matter of fact she's in my top 10influential bloggers. So down to earth!

  3. Hi, Chris! Thanks so much for the invite to be a guest blogger. I enjoyed writing this article.

    To Yami: I am so glad to share these tips to all the moms out there. I am not perfect and still a work in progress.

    To Enchie: thanks so much for the kind words.

  4. Thanks for the tips Mommy Salen. 🙂

  5. I like what you have written here, Salen. These are really practical tips for mommies. Thanks!

  6. Such a great mom.

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